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Mysterious entrances are pieces of interactive scenery that each require a certain Dungeoneering level to open. If one has the required Dungeoneering Level, the door can teleport the player to a certain one of the 15 Resource dungeons.

Mysterious entrance

A player teleporting via the entrance.


  • The animation when teleporting is similar to that of Gatestone Teleport.
  • It seems to resemble 2 faces, also found on walls inside certain floors of Daemonheim, with the Daemonheim emblem in between.
  • Interestingly, it is named Mysterious Door when coming from inside the dungeon, and Mysterious Entrance when coming from the outside. For the Daemonheim Peninsula resource dungeon, it is Mysterious Entrance on both sides.
  • Since the release of Runescape 3, the triangle on the mysterious entrance is yellow if "bloom" is activated in the graphics settings. However, on the mysterious door (the part of the passage that is in the resource dungeon), the triangle remains red with "bloom" activated.

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