This article is about the item received in A Void Dance. For the item used to start You Are It, see Mysterious clue scroll (You Are It).
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Mysterious clue scroll detail

The mysterious clue scroll is an item received in the quest A Void Dance. This will not give regular clue scroll rewards and is only used in the quest.

Bring a spade, sextant, watch, and chart and head to these locations to get the next clue:

  • West of the mines south of Taverley
  • The man that is found wandering nearby the Crafting Guild (may need an item to give him, usually onion)
  • Farmhouse near the farm patches found south of Falador. Search the box inside the room with the pot on the minimap.
  • Stand on the red flower just north of the fountain in Edgeville Monastery and dig
  • Just north of the Black Knights' Fortress


The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Mysterious clue scroll.
Second clue

South of a city and east of a guild,
there wanders a fellow whose path went astray.
Hand him an onion and give him a wave,
if on track for treasure you're wishing to stay.
Third clue

Check a crate in the farmhouse west of the Falador farming
Fourth clue

Splash of red in a holy bed;
lies north of its fountain, east of Ice Mountain.
Its three closest neighbours have petals of blue;
just dig where it's planted to find your next clue.
Fifth clue

11 degrees, 31 minutes north
17 degrees, 54 minutes east

The clue scrolls: