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Mysterious chronicle detail

Mysterious chronicle (part 25) is a book found only in Daemonheim. It may appear in front of the dungeon-ending ladder after killing the boss monster.

It is written in the year 24 of the Fifth Age. The gorajo continue to disrupt Bilrach's work, destroying structures and stealing supplies. He swears he will make them pay. He also curses them after praising Zamorak at the end of the letter.


The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Mysterious chronicle (part 25).

Year 24 of the Fifth Age:

Curse the blasted gorajo! They've wasted more time and progress than I care to expend. Their elders and children will pay for their misdeeds. I vow, here and now, that I will sunder their world with the power I acquire at the bottom of this place. Blast them and their cowardly raids, their burning of the beams and struts, and their plundering of our resources.

Zamorak be praised,

Gorajo be damned!

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