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Mysterious chronicle detail

Mysterious chronicle (part 24) is a book found only in Daemonheim. It may appear in front of the dungeon-ending ladder after killing the boss monster.

Written in the year 5 of the Fifth Age. Bilrach reaches the area now known as the Warped floors, and his magic carves through it like a saw through flesh. He thinks it must be fate's reward for seeking the interplanar portal below, that separates him from his Master's realm of banishment.

At the end of the journal he claims that he will use The Rift to release his master, Zamorak, back into the realm of Gielinor.

It is unknown whether or not Bilrach knows about the Edicts of Guthix, or if he even cares. He may have found a way around them but it is not stated either way. If he were to release Zamorak into Gielinor, then that would directly violate the Edicts and result in the prophecy of Guthix destroying the world to start it over.


The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Mysterious chronicle (part 24).

Year 5 of the 5th Age:

This is it. The area below is weaker than the bedrock I have been forging through, and my magic carves through it like saw through flesh. This must be fate's reward for seeking the interplanar portal below, the portal that separates me from my Masters realm of banishment. To think He could have been banished and contained! Vile trickery...

I, Bilrach, will find this Rift, where the barrier between realms thins.

I, Bilrach, will re-open it and release my Master upon this world once more.

I, Bilrach, will release Zamorak!

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