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Mysterious chronicle detail

Mysterious chronicle (part 2) is a book found only in Daemonheim. It may appear in front of the dungeon-ending ladder after killing the boss monster.

Written in the year 1241 of the Fourth Age. Bilrach's second entry; he explains a bit about his time searching for that place where he began to dig. Saying that after years of years of evading detection, his research led him to that castle. He draws similarities from it with the Dragonkin. He questions why they would leave such a place, which such a potential power underneath it, but he says that he does not have time to research as to why they left, and that he must focus on forging through the earth that separates him from his goal.

Strangely, Bilrach describes the Dragonkin as "protectors of the artefact, enders of the Great Wars" when, if he is referring to the God Wars, it is known that Guthix was the one who ended them.


The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Mysterious chronicle (part 2).

Year 1241 of the 4th Age:

After years of evading detection, my research finally led me to the castle above. It seems similar to that of the Dragonkin of old: protectors of the artefact, enders of the Great Wars. Of course, I should have suspected It to be hidden in a manner as straightforward as this! fools to abandon such a place; why would they move on? It must all be linked in somehow, but time does not allow for further investigation. My power now is to be used on one thing: forging through the very earth that separated me from my goal.

Praise be to Zamorak!

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