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Mysterious chronicle (part 1) is a book found only in Daemonheim. It may appear in front of the dungeon-ending ladder after killing the boss monster. It is also the first book of a series.

It was written in the year 1225 of the Fourth Age. This is the first entry Bilrach made in his log, explaining how after 4 years of gathering followers, he can finally begin the dig.

He mentions whispers, which are frequently referred to in later entries.


The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Mysterious chronicle (part 1).

Year 1225 of the 4th Age:

Finally! After four long years of bringing in weak-minded fools to follow my cause unknowingly, today is the day - the day I begin the great descent. Today, my research pays off and the journey begins; today, I journey down towards ultimate victory.

My power is as true as the whispers calling.

Today, I begin.

Praise be to Zamorak!

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