Throwing muspah

A muspah.

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Muspah are creatures native to Freneskae. According to legends, they were created when Mah combined her most fearsome creatures into one and spawned them while she had nightmares.

In The Tale of the Muspah quest, an adventurer and the young Fremennik Erjolf finds a frozen creature in a cave near Rellekka. After consulting a natural historian and investigating and uncovering a crumbling statue in Kharidian Desert, the Mahjarrat Wahisietel will tell them that despite its fearsome appearance, due to the way the muspah are built, they could be destroyed fairly easily, and says that he believes both they and Mah to be mere legend.

Crumbling statue

The statue uncovered in the desert.

The adventurer then manages to free the creature resembling the muspah. The creature is revealed to be Jhallan, a Mahjarrat who accidentally transformed into a muspah when he had a nightmare of one during his sleep.

During Fate of the Gods, players discover that both Mah and the muspah are in fact, very real, and they have to be fought during the quest. Ancient Magicks deal double damage when used against them, so it is recommended to use this combat style and the Blood Barrage spell. After the quest, players can fight the muspah in the Cradle area of Freneskae.

There is also a Nightmare muspah summoning familiar.


Ancient Combat muspah concept art

Muspah concept art

  • Although muspah don't have a stun-immune icon, binds do not affect them.
  • When asking a slayer master tips against the muspah, they will say that they are weak to many different combat styles, despite the fact that Ancient Magicks deals double damage against muspah.
  • Currently, the ability Tuska's Wrath does not deal 100 times a player's Slayer level when one is on a slayer task for muspahs, which is a glitch.

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