Murcaily chathead

Murcaily can be found in Tai Bwo Wannai, right next to the gate to the hardwood grove (marked on the map with a Rare tree map icon icon). He's not visible until completing the Jungle Potion quest, although he will speak to you if you try to enter the grove without paying.

Players must speak to Murcaily to start the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup minigame.

Murcaily plays a significant part in My Arm's Big Adventure in learning how to grow Goutweed, the troll chef Burntmeat discovered about this when interrogating one of the ingredients in his stew.

Entering the hardwood grove costs 100 Trading sticks. It has 9 Teak trees and 4 Mahogany trees. The grove contains several level 8 Snakes which can make woodcutting for pures awkward. However, this does not affect the majority of players. There are four hatchets lying on the floor, two bronze and two iron, which are not generally useful for the players who use the grove for experience, as cutting teak or mahogany is well above the requirement for using a bronze or iron hatchet for woodcutting.


  • When holding trading sticks, Murcaily's staff changes to the updated Staff of air.