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Snowman (traditional) chathead
Mulled wine (2009 Christmas event) only appears during certain holiday or seasonal events and may not be currently found in-game.
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Mulled wine detail

Mulled wine was a food item that could be received randomly after completing the 2009 Christmas event, by taking food off the tables. It healed ten life points when drunk. If players left the Land of Snow it would disappear. Mulled wine reappeared during the 2012, 2013 and 2014 Christmas events. Unlike most alcohol and spirits, when mulled wine was consumed, it did not lower any stats. When mulled wine is drunk it heals 200 life points and the player will say in the dialogue box "Mmm, that tastes good - nice and fruity. It reminds me of lazy afternoons by the fire."

2012 Christmas EventEdit

Mulled wine returned again as a possible snow impling loot and Gift of Giving reward from 2012 Christmas event. Usable by both F2P and P2P, it heals 200 life points when consumed. It is non stackable in inventory and cannot be withdrawn as a noted item.

2014 Christmas EventEdit

After defeating the Snowverload during the 2014 Christmas event, players may receive mulled wine along with roast potatoes and a turkey drumstick in their inventory. This version also heals 200 life points.

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