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Mudskipper Point

Mudskipper Point.

Mudskipper point

A map of Mudskipper Point.

Mudskipper Point is a small peninsula located in the south of the Kingdom of Asgarnia. It can be reached by journeying south past the coastal town of Port Sarim. After passing by the Sarim Church, players will come to a small hut belonging to Thurgo, an Imcando dwarf. His hut contains two anvils, for smithing weapons, a hammock, a table and a chair. He plays a part in various quests as well as being able to create a royal crossbow, provided he is given the required parts, and sells the Skillcape of Smithing. Next to him is a small hill with a trapdoor leading into the dangerous Asgarnian Ice Dungeon. If you continue south you will come to a small peninsula with a sign reading:


On a members' world, Mudskipper Point is known for its dangerous underwater inhabitants; both mudskippers (hence the name) and mogres dwell in this seemingly quiet place. The latter can be summoned by throwing fishing explosive into ominous fishing spots, which will drive an enraged mogre to the shore, who will engage in battle. These creatures have affected a drunken man named Skippy, who stands south-east of Rimmington tossing rather empty bottles of "Captain Braindeath's Extra Strength Rum/Drain Cleaner" into the sea, yelling at the mudskippers. You can start the Mogres miniquest by speaking with him. The most prominent use for the location, however, is the fairy ring with code AIQ located there. Notable is that it is the only fairy ring in Asgarnia.

When playing on a non-member world, Mudskipper Point is usually home to beach parties every once in a while. However, these are only common during the summer time. During the winter, Mudskipper Point has no use except for unlocking Mudskipper Melody, a music track.


  • If you use the Forlorn boot found washed up on the shore on Skippy, it will start a new conversation in which he calls you loony.
  • In Postbag From the Hedge 40, Zanik said she saw a strange creature resembling the Loch Ness monster there, likely just a mogre or a large mudskipper fish.
  • This is the entry point to tutorial island in the quest, Beneath Cursed Tides.
  • During the 2014 Thanksgiving event the turkey Neena could be found at Mudskipper Point.

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