Mrs. Winkin
Mrs winkin
Release date 19 February 2008 (Update)
Race Gnome
Members Yes
Quest NPC No
Location Vinesweeper
Sells items Yes
Gender Female
Examine Owner of this homestead.
Mrs. Winkin chathead

Mrs. Winkin and Farmer Blinkin run the Winkin farm in the centre of an unknown forest. Farmer Winkin is her husband. She has a shop in her house with various seeds, including tree seeds, as a reward for playing the Vinesweeper minigame. Vinesweeper points may be used to trade for rewards.

The value of each reward in points, gold, and experience is detailed in the making money section of the Vinesweeper page.

ExperienceFlagCabbage seedTomato seedSweetcorn seedStrawberry seedWatermelon seedGuam seedMarrentill seedTarromin seedAvantoe seedWergali seedRanarr seedKwuarm seedCadantine seedSnapdragon seedLantadyme seedDwarf weed seedFellstalk seedTorstol seedRosemary seedNasturtium seedWoad seedLimpwurt seedCactus seedBittercap mushroom sporeMorchella mushroom sporeBelladonna seedAsgarnian seedJute seedYanillian seedKrandorian seedWildblood seedRedberry seedCadavaberry seedDwellberry seedJangerberry seedWhiteberry seedPoison ivy seedAcornWillow seedMaple seedYew seedPineapple seedPapaya tree seedPalm tree seedCalquat tree seedSpirit tree seedCompost potion (4)Barberry seedPrickly pear seedFly trap seedSunchoke seedButterfly flower seedMrs Winkin s World of Seeds

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