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Mr Ex
Mr Ex
Release date 25 May 2011 (Update)
Race Human
Members only No
Quest NPC No
Location Edgeville
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine A Wilderness fighter of massive repute.
Mr Ex chathead

Mr Ex is found in Edgeville, just north of the bank. He will give the player a Wildstalker helmet when talked to and return it free of charge should they lose it. He can also be asked to skull the player. He used to be the greatest and bravest warrior of the Wilderness, but now he is nervous and scared of the Wilderness and cowers and stands in fear just south of it.

He can also sell hardcore ironman players a jar of divine light for 100,000 coins, which will remove Hardcore status. If a hardcore ironman dies with a jar of divine light in their inventory or bank they will be converted to a regular ironman account. Furthermore, he offers hardcore ironman players who have reached a specific skill total milestone a divine coin, which gives the player an additional life; a skill total of at least 1000 grants access to an extra life for 100,000 coins, and another one for 10,000,000 coins when they've reached at least 1600 skill total.

For regular ironman players he sells the Book of diplomacy for 50,000 coins, which will remove the ironman status from the account. You can also ask him to never offer the Book of diplomacy, effectively making the ironman status permanent.

Receiving the skull status from Mr Ex is required for the Easy Wilderness Tasks.

PvP Armour StockEdit

In the Combat Improvements Beta, he provided free PvP oriented gear for testing purposes.

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Estocada (left) and Mr Ex (right) concept art

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