Mountain may refer to:

  • Ice Mountain - Mountain in northern Asgarnia
  • White Wolf Mountain - Natural border between Asgarnia and Kandarin
  • Eagles' Peak - One of the mountains of a yet unnamed mountain range separating Kandarin and Tirannwn
  • Arandar - Actually a mountainous region in Tirannwn which includes a pass between Kandarin and Tirannwn
  • Trollweiss Mountain - Very large mountain where Trollweiss flower grows
  • Trollheim - Tall mountain in Troll country. Eadgar and mountain goats reside there
  • A very tall mountain with an Ice Path - One of the most inhospitable mountains in mainland Gielinor due to dangerous creatures and cold effect
  • Galarpos Mountains - Part of a range that separates Tirannwn from the rest of Gielinor
  • Mountain Daughter, a quest
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