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Morchella mushroom detail

The Morchella Mushroom is a high-level ingredient used in Herblore. Its main use is to make prayer renewal potions, which can be done by adding them to a fellstalk potion (unf), requiring level 94 Herblore. Players can also use 25 of them as payment to protect their Elder Tree patch from disease. They can be grown at level 74 Farming in the mushroom patch near Canifis or the patch in Isafdar, by planting a morchella mushroom spore. Planting the spore yields 160 Farming experience. Harvesting them yields nine mushrooms that give 77.7 Farming experience each, for a total of 859.3 Farming experience per cycle. These mushrooms grow after three 80 minute farming cycles, for a total growth time of four hours.

After completing the Morytania Medium Tasks, the Canifis patch will not become diseased. After completing the Morytania Elite Tasks, the amount harvested will be doubled from 9 to 18; however this boost does not apply to the experience gained.


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  • Morchella mushrooms are based on their real-life counterparts. They are commonly referred to as "Morel" mushrooms.
  • The examine info is a reference to the fact that these mushrooms are sometimes known as "Miracle Mushrooms" in parts of the United States where they grow.
  • Unlike most Farming crops which you can interact with by hovering over most of the patch, you must hover your cursor over one individual mushroom to interact with these. It does not matter which one.
  • Some players have reported that the time taken to grow Morchella Mushrooms exceeds four hours; possibly up to six hours or more, this is often attributed to changing worlds and it's effect on the game engine. Mod Ana confirmed this was a glitch, but that it was currently unsolvable due to the scope of the problem.

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