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Thieving is a members skill that can be profitable if a player possesses a high enough level. It is one of the fastest skills to train. It also gets progressively easier as players advance in levels due to the straight-forwardness and simplicity of the skill. It is a good idea to have food on hand as failing at most types of thieving results in taking some damage. To increase the chances of success at thieving, players should use any of the Ardougne cloaks and the Gloves of silence.

Effectiveness Level requirement Details Other requirements
1***** 1 Near The Tower of Life south of Ardougne, there are builders standing around just pickpocket them to get Triangle Sandwiches that sell for 122 coins each. So a few minutes of pickpocketing earns you 3416 coins per inventory load. You get 8 exp per steal and if caught you only lose 10 lifepoints so lower level players might eat some of the food they pickpocket! However these are very hard to sell on the Grand Exchange.
1***** 5 In Varrock, head to the south-east corner of the city where tea can be stolen. Players can sell most of it and make some money, albeit not very much. The Guards have been deleted on several worlds which makes it much easier. Since they sell for nearly nothing for each you can just just drink them for 30 health and +3 temporary attack points although this might lower your profits. Though good for beginners, this method can prove tiring and effectiveness is limited, as tea does not sell for a huge amount of money on the Grand Exchange.
1***** 5 By thieving the Ardougne Bakery Stalls in Ardougne, a player can acquire a profit of 130 coins per cake stolen. However, it is recommended that a player has an attack of at least 50, to be able to deal with the guards that attack the player if they get caught. Also, it is recommended that you eat all chocolate slices and bread that you receive or sell them back, if you had an activated vial of stench in your inventory when you stole them, as they are not worth as much as the cakes.
2***** 20
Ardougne marketplace

A guard 'stuck' behind a pole in Ardougne

Steal silk from the silk stalls in the East Ardougne marketplace, wait for about 5 minutes (unless you had an activated vial of stench in your inventory when you stole the silk), and sell it back to the merchant for 20 coins each (noted silk is not accepted). NOTE: If you steal from the stall with the silk merchant, sometimes the guards get 'stuck' behind a pole. This makes stealing from the stall much quicker and easier. Also, when this happens, the guards/knights will still yell out their "Hey! Get your hands off there!" but occasionally won't attack. In order to do this, you must steal from an adjacent angle to the poles nearby. Also the north-eastern most stall is a safe spot and you never fail stealing from it. If you stand on the north side any guard that catches you will be 'stuck' behind the stall and you can keep stealing a full inventory to sell to the trader just south in the square.
2***** 23 If players have completed Death to the Dorgeshuun Quest they can steal keys from H.A.M guards and use them to open certain chests to get jewellery, then sell this to the shop in Port Sarim to create fast cash.
2***** 28 You can open a chest upstairs in a house in east Ardougne which should give you 3 coins and a nature rune. Keep at it and you can make a fair bit.
3***** 35 Players can steal grey wolf fur from the fur trader in Ardougne. Stealing fur can be tricky though, as the trader is never far from his stall. When players have the Ring of Charos (a) equipped, they can sell these furs for 150 coins each using the 'Charm' option.
3***** 40 Players can pickpocket H.A.M members in the H.A.M. Dungeon for H.A.M clothing or other items such as Iron ore or CoalFemale H.A.M members are the best to pickpocket, as they have a higher chance of success, and have similar rewards to Male H.A.M members. You can also get Slayer staffs which can sell for 12,000 coins each. Doing this method can earn up to 40,000 or 60,000 Coins per inventory. For the best chances be sure to wear full H.A.M clothing.
2***** 63 Players can ransack customs evidence files for the loot. The files are found on the Rock Island Prison. Players may attract the notice of a customs officer, and be attacked. Rocking Out completed.
2***** 65 Players can access the Summer room in the Sorcerer's Garden and collect herbs for money or Herblore purposes. This method can make 170000-230000 per hour. The garden may also be heavily botted, and therefore easy to navigate due to the surges of bots. Simply follow their movement for maximum efficiency. Prince Ali Rescue
3***** 65 Stealing spice from spice stall in Ardougne is profitable, since spice sells for 910 on Grand Exchange, and it can be done easily, while giving decent experience. Players may want to include other stalls in the market for extra thieving experience and/or money. Switching worlds may be considered, too.
3***** 70+ Paladins

HeroesGnomes, and Elves are all rewarding people to pick pocket, with rewards varying from coins (80 to 350 coins per pickpocket) to diamonds which can be sold uncut over the Grand Exchange for 5,112 or crafted and enchanted.

2***** 72 Players can pick-lock a door upstairs in Ardougne Castle at Level 61. Inside the room is a chest which requires Level 72. It contains 1000 coins, Raw shark, Adamantite ore, and Uncut sapphire. The door and chest may fail when pick-locking and may trigger traps, causing damage.
2***** 75 At this level you can steal from Gem Stalls. There is a gem stall in Ardougne and Keldagrim. Sometimes you can get diamonds from these Gem Stalls!
3***** 45 Players can enter the autumn room in the Sorceress's Garden activity. No equipment should be brought (unless it is weightless or weight-reducing) and there is no chance of death unless the player is already poisoned. Collect the herbs north of the entrance, which range from guam to ranarr, and when inventory is full, use the Shantay Chest to bank. Reasonable amounts of money (100,000 to 250,000 coins per hour) and also some farming experience. Prince Ali Rescue
4***** 38

Players can steal seeds from the Master Farmers in Draynor Village and North Ardougne. Players can steal many seeds including ranarr seeds and snapdragon seeds, which sell for 1,168 coins and 1,401 coins each, respectively. Players also have a chance of obtaining Torstol seeds, which can be sold up to Coins 1000 15,733 each. Chances of obtaining torsol seeds are 1/5000.

4***** 44 Players can steal cave goblin wires from the wire machine in the south-west side of Dorgesh-Kaan, just east of the furnace. The cave goblin wires can yield 1,405 coins for each one on the GE. The machine resets every 4–5 seconds. You should take food with you because you will take 50 damage each time you fail and you should expect to take at least 500 or 600 damage per trip. Tuna works well because selling one cave goblin wire on the GE will make up for the cost of the tuna for each trip, but sardines and mackerel are cheaper and therefore more efficient and require a full inventory. The use of a Beast of Burden will cut down in bank trips, but there is no Summoning Obelisk to recharge your points within the city. Gloves of silence will not increase your chances of success.
4***** 20 Looting from Ogre coffins inside or outside Jiggig can be very profitable because a player can loot Ourg bones which can be sold over the Grand Exchange for 11,038 coins. The player should be aware that Ourg bones are not always the loot from coffins (even though there are other rewarding loots) and that attempting to pick the lock from Ogre coffins can cause a temporary loss of 1-4 levels of thieving or the player can get diseased, so bringing Super restore potions, Relicym's balms or Inoculation braces or Unicorn stallion, and a lockpick is advisable. Zogre Flesh Eaters, 70+ Thieving is highly recommended
5***** 95+ Pickpocketing Master farmers at level 95+ is a very effective method of money-making with Thieving. The recommended equipment includes a pair of Gloves of silence (requires 54 hunter), and an Ardougne cloak to decrease the chances of being caught. High Agility is recommended for a chance of stealing double, triple, and even quadruple loot from the farmers. Continually pickpocketing can yield up to 200,000-400,000 coins per hour. Using the cloak and the gloves, you will almost never fail, with some players reporting to have done 100,000 attempts without failing.[1] 54 Hunter and 58+ Agility strongly recommended
2***** 20+ Pickpocketing H.A.M member at level 20+ is an effective method of money-making with a low Thieving level in the H.A.M hideout. Wearing a full set of H.A.M clothing increases success chances. After a few minutes a player should have a Clue scroll (easy), some food is recommended for low levels but some times a player can get knocked out and thrown in a jail in the camp. Easy clue scrolls rewards can range from 100 coins (very rare)-7 million. A player can only have 1 clue scroll at a time. For help in treasure trails you can use

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