Smithing cannonballs
Requirements Smithing cannonballs

35 Smithing


Ammo mould (added to the tool belt)
Ghost speak amulet (not required if player has completed the Morytania Hard Tasks)
Morytania legs 2 (or better)


Dwarf Cannon
Ghost Ahoy (completion recommended, otherwise you will require ecto-tokens to enter the city)

See Morytania Tasks for requirements

Profit Experience gained
813,400 per hour

25,088 Smithing experience

Inputs Outputs

980 x Steel bar (601,720)

3920 x Cannonball (1,415,120)

Morytania legs 2, are rewarded for completing all the medium Morytania Tasks. When worn, cannonballs are smithed twice as fast at the Port Phasmatys furnace. Players can achieve up to 35 trips per hour. Players must remember to wear a Ghost speak amulet to speed up banking (unless Morytania hard tasks are completed).

If the player does not have access to Port Phasmatys or does not have Morytania Legs 2, they can use a portable forge or the Lumbridge furnace, banking at the nearby Combat Academy (alternatively, completion of the easy Varrock Tasks grants access to the Edgeville furnace). Both of these furnaces can result in up to 20 trips per hour. Varrock armour 1 or higher will not speed up the process.

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