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For a table showing profits made smithing certain items, see Smithing/Smithing tables

Effectiveness Requirements Details

Coins 1000 -5,000 coins per hour540*( 10*19 - 199 )


Tourist Trap

Smith bronze dart tips. 1 bar gives you ten darts, which generates a decent profit margin. One gains -9 coins per bar.

Coins 1000 88,000 coins per hour540*( 969 - 270*2 - 266 )


Varrock armour

Steel bars sell for 969 coins each. One gains 163 coins per bar. It takes about one minute to retrieve the ore from the Edgeville bank, run it to the furnace, smelt it, and return it to the bank. With the coal bag however, one can make more bars during a single trip. This greatly reduces precious banking time and maximises profit.

Coins 1000 220,000 coins per hour14*( 17657 - 8*270 )


Elemental Workshop III

Go to the workshop in Seers' Village and enter the elemental workshop. Make an elemental bar and go downstairs to make with this bar a primed bar. After that go downstairs again and go in the mind room to make a mind bar. Go up the stairs and go to the anvil. Smith mind bodies. A mind body can be sold to the G.E. for 17657 coins. For one complete inventory you can make around 500k if you buy coal off the Grand Exchange, although it can take a lot of time to prime all the bars.

An alternative would be to smith elemental bodies for a lesser profit, but it is much faster because you do not have to prime the bars.

Coins 1000 70,000 coins per hour300*( 1660 - 347 - 4*270 )

50 Mithril bars sell for 1,660 coins each. If one purchases the materials, he or she can earn up to 233 coins per bar using the Falador or Al Kharid furnaces.

Coins 1000 290,000 coins per hour450*( 1660 - 347 - 81 - 2*( 270 + 22.5 ) )

60 Mithril bars can be made with half the coal at the Blast Furnace in Keldagrim. If your Smithing level is lower than 60, then you could pay 2500 gp but still make a good profit. You could also smelt other bars there which you could get the ores for there. The best world for this is 58 (official Blast Furnace world).

Coins 1000 470,000 coins per hour854*( 2776 - 1349 - 3*( 270 + 22.5 ) )

70 Adamant bars sell for 2,776 coins each, and require one adamantite ore and three coal per bar if using the Blast Furnace. Purchasing the materials then selling the bars gives a profit of 617 coins per bar. you can make about 240,630 coins per hour depending on how fast you can smith the bars (the values here take into account that 15 trips were made to the Blast Furnace, smithing 26 bars each trip). You should also make sure that you use world 58 (the official Blast Furnace world).

Coins 1000 1,090,000 coins per hour480*( 14230 - 10774 - 4*( 270+22.5 ) - 3992/464 )


21 Agility
96 Summoning.

Smelt Rune bars at the Blast Furnace. Start out in Edgeville bank with coins, noted coal, and unnoted runite ore in your inventory, and a charged amulet of glory equipped. Take the agility shortcut to the GE, then take the mine cart to the Blast Furnace, smelt the ores there, then return to the Edgeville bank by using the equipped amulet of glory. The Edgeville lodestone can also be used to reduce the need for numerous amulets, although this method does extend the trip time by several seconds. Using a pack yak, 56 rune bars can be smelted roughly every 7 minutes, allowing 8 trips per Pack Yak, giving a net profit of 2,000 coins per bar.

Coins 1000 -70,000 coins per hour2601766 - 644197 - 477694 - 548992 - 1000000


While Guthix Sleeps

Depending on the prices, you can make dragon platebodies for a profit by buying a ruined dragon armour slice, ruined dragon armour lump, and ruined dragon armour shard as well as a blast fusion hammer from the Blast Furnace. You must smith the platebody at the Dragon Forge.

(Note: This guide assumes that one only smiths one dragon platebody per hour)

Due to constantly changing prices for items on the Grand Exchange, some information in this article may or may not be current.
It is strongly recommended to check the live prices on the Grand Exchange before making larger investments in any method
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