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Overall, Smithing is not the best way to make money in the short term, but good if a player sticks with it long enough. In addition, for players buying bars (because Smithing experience is earned faster at the anvil rather than at the furnace), bars of all types are also tertiary ingredients for Summoning, which has increased the demand for most types of bars, causing prices to inflate. When smelting, a coal bag is recommended as it holds an extra of 27 coal. However for this method a Dungeoneering level of 35 is needed as well as a Mining level of 35. However at least level 40-42 Dungeoneering is needed to obtain the 4000 tokens that will be needed to buy it from the Rewards trader.

There is also a demand for steel bars due to their use in Construction and smelting cannonballs. Due to the relatively low prices for smithable weapons and armour, smithing items isn't recommended to make money, with few exceptions.

Name Effectiveness Smithing level requirement Details Risk factors Other requirements
Smelting and smithing bronze 1***** Level 1 You can either mine or buy copper and tin ores to make bronze bars. This gives a profit of 1.5k per inventory plus 85 experience per round. None Low weight
Smelting silver 2***** Level 20 Silver ores can often be bought at a lower price than silver bars on the Grand Exchange, which results in reasonable profit and decent experience gains. Profit can be maximised if the ore is purchased closer to the minimum GE price and then later sold as bars at market or maximum GE price. Currently, purchasing ores at minimum GE price and selling bars at maximum GE price will yield Coins 100 105 coins difference per silver. Note this is a fairly efficient method to train the Smithing skill due to the fact that one can make 28 silver bars per trip. A full load of silver will yield 383.6 experience compared to 315 experience for smelting steel bars with a coal bag. None Low weight
Smelting steel 2***** Level 30 Another way involving steel bars is to simply buy large quantities of iron ore and coal (twice as much coal as iron), take them to Al Kharid, and smelt them at the nearby furnace. Using this method, it is possible to smelt around 500 bars per hour, making a profit of Coins 1000 90,500 per hour.

By using Superheat Item, players can gain up to 100K Magic experience per hour, followed by around 35K Smithing experience per hour, resulting in some profit at times.

If a player also has level 35 Dungeoneering and has purchased the coal bag, they may smelt up to 18 steel bars per trip. Doing so will increase the profit to up to 120k per hour but is only recommended if the player plans on smithing for a long period of time or plans on smithing with coal a lot in the future as the tokens required to buy the coal bag can take a while to acquire.

Level 14 Scorpions 43 Magic if using the Superheat Item method
Smelting mithril 2*****
Level 50 Mithril bars sell for 1,648 coins each. If the materials (one mithril ore and four coal per bar) are purchased, you can earn up to 249 coins per bar using the Falador or Al Kharid furnaces. At five bars per trip, you can make about 74700 coins and 9,000 experience per hour. Superheating the ore can be done with this method too resulting in a -103 coin profit. None 43 Magic if using the Superheat Item method
Smelting adamantite 0*****
Level 70 Adamant bars sell for 2,821 coins each, and require one adamantite ore and six coal per bar. Purchasing the materials then selling the bars gives a profit of -81 coins per bar. At four bars per trip, you can make about -19440 coins and 9,000 experience per hour. Superheating the ore can be done with this method too resulting in a -433 coin profit.(This is currently a bad way of making money, or losing it) None 43 Magic if using the Superheat Item method
Smelting rune 3***** Level 85 Smelting rune bars from eight pieces of coal and one runite ore yields approximately 1362 coins profit per rune bar smelted. However, due to the difficult nature of obtaining the ores yourself, and the high initial outlay required, combined with being unable to smelt many rune bars at once due to inventory restrictions, this method should only be used for players who already have a significant amount of cash before starting. Superheating the ore can be useful because of the low amount of bars per trip. None 43 Magic if using the Superheat Item method

Due to constantly changing prices for items on the Grand Exchange, some information in this article may or may not be current.
It is strongly recommended to check the live prices on the Grand Exchange before making larger investments in any method
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