Making and stringing emerald amulets
Requirements Smelting

31 Crafting


Gold bars
Amulet mould (if not already in your tool belt)


Recommended: Artisan's outfit

Profit Experience gained
926,100 per hour

139,900 Crafting experience

Inputs Outputs

1890 x Gold bar (943,110)
1890 x Emerald (2,753,730)
1890 x Ball of wool (1,855,980)

1890 x Emerald amulet (6,478,920)

The first process of this method requires combining gold bars and emeralds in a furnace (preferably a portable furnace if at all possible; alternatively you can go to the Lumbridge furnace and use the bank present at the Combat Academy) to make unstrung emerald amulets. This first process alone will take up the majority of the time required to completely make all the amulets.

The second process is faster and easier and only requires you to string the emerald amulets using balls of wool.

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