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If Smoking Kills has been completed, slayer points can be used to purchase the runes for Slayer Dart. 35 points buy 250 Death runes and 1000 Mind runes, which can be sold on the Grand Exchange for 100500 coins. To obtain the maximum number of points, it is recommended that players use the highest slayer master for tasks that are a multiple of 10 to gain the benefit of the multiplier that comes with every 10th task.

Effectiveness Level requirement Details Other Requirements/Recommendations
1***** Level 5 Crawling hands drop various kinds of rings, which can be sold to other players or high alched. They also drop special gloves that are purely cosmetic, but depending on the type, it can be worth 2,700 or more coins. Some players consider the possibility of getting a shield left half or dragon spear a good reason to attack these, but those drops are extremely rare. These also drop the light mystic gloves, Worth more than 300k coins, this is a very rare drop. 10 combat
2***** Level 10 Cave crawlers rather commonly drop grimy ranarr, which can be sold for about 2,582. With Cave Crawlers being poisonous, an antipoison is strongly recommended. 30+ combat
2***** Level 15 Banshees commonly drop stacks of 13 pure essence, which can be sold for about 14 each. In addition, they also drop numerous herbs, which can often be sold for 1.5k+ each. Banshees are in the slayer tower. Players must also equip earmuffs to protect against their screams, which lower all combat stats including Lp. 50+ combat
2***** Level 20 Rockslugs have a rare chance of dropping Mystic gloves (light). They also drop many low level unoted ores which means at 43 magic they can superheat them into bars for a bit more and potentially profit. 40+ combat

Bag of salt needed to finish off unless you have purchased the ability to deliver killing blows quicker. Costs 400 slayer points and thus completion of smoking kills.

2***** level 23
Cave slime are found at the Lumbridge Swamp Caves. They drop 1-6 Swamp tar 100% of the time. They are worth 227 each and are stackable. They also sporadically drop Iron Boots, worth 1,591. The player must bring a Spiked helmet and some super Antipoisons. Players must also bring a Tinderbox and a non-open flame light source such as Candle lanterns, Bullseye lantern, etc. Once you attack the cave slime, it will try to poison you. Use of a super antipoison potion will protect a player from its poison for 6 minutes. 30+ combat
2***** Level 25 Cockatrices commonly drop Limpwurt roots, which can be sold for 1,476 coins each, and small stacks of Nature runes, which can be sold for 361 coins each. They also drop the occasional Mystic boots and Iron boots, which can be sold for respectively 6,685 and 1,591 coins each. Players who have started Fairytale II - Cure a Queen can use the fairy ring in front of the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon to teleport to Zanaris, bank there, and return (code is A•J•R). 50+ combat and a Mirror shield.
2***** Level 40 Killing Baslisks are a good way to make money, as they drop a decent number of runes (Water runes for binding opponents and freezing, natures for binding/alching). They also drop other items like gold-white mystic boots and hats which are worth a decent sum of money.
2***** Level 47 Killing Brine rats are a good way to make low levelled money. They often drop various raw food, noted or unnoted, such as raw sharks, lobsters, swordfish and rat meat. They also drop various runes and also occasionally drop the Brine sabre, which is currently worth 64,967. 60+ Combat, partial completion of Olaf's quest for access, whole completion of Olaf's Quest to gain access to Brine sabre drops.
1***** Level 52 Killing Jellies in Fremennik Slayer Dungeon are very good to train, drops such as Rune Full Helmet and Clue scroll (hard) can be obtained. They also drop various runes and steel items that can be alched. 85+ combat
2***** Level 55 Killing Turoth in the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon can be worthwhile as they drop multiple herbs and herb seeds frequently (including Torstol Seeds, which are worth 16,099). Clue scroll (hard) and Mystic robe bottom (light) can be obtained. However, you must use a Leaf-bladed Sword, Leaf-bladed Spear, Broad-tipped Bolts, or the Slayer Dart spell to harm them. 85+ combat
3***** Level 56 Warped tortoises in the Poison Waste Slayer Dungeon tend to drop Tortoise shells which can be sold for 14,085 on the Grand Exchange. They also drop rune warhammers and pickaxes (worth 24,324 and 18,460 respectively). Perfect shells which can be sold to Barlak for 500 Crafting experience and 500 coins each. You can gain approximately 300k/hr. 90+ combat and Path of Glouphrie quest completed at least to the point where you have made the crystal chimes and reached the Waste Sewers.
4***** Level 58 Cave horrors, which are found in the Mos Le'Harmless Caves, have a chance at dropping Black masks, which are worth 1,812,951 coins each, and various seeds, including Torstol seeds and Snapdragon seeds which are worth 16,099 and 1,401 respectively. Completed Cabin Fever quest, Witchwood Icon
3***** Level 60 Aberrant Spectres, which are found in the Slayer Tower or in the Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon, are a good source for Herbs (especially Grimy ranarrs, which are worth 2,582 coins each). They also drop other valuables like Lantadyme seeds, Snapdragon seeds, Mystic robe bottoms, and Rune full helms. Nose peg (or a Slayer helmet in the Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon) and high magic defence armour (like Dragonhide armour) is a must. You can also try to use prayer boosting armoury (like Proselyte armour) and Prayer potions). The Salve amulet and Salve amulet (e) works on them, but won't stack with the Slayer helmet.
4***** Level 61 After completing A Clockwork Syringe, players can kill 'Rum'-pumped crabs in the Rum-geon in the Braindeath Island resource dungeon. A Fishbowl helmet and a Diving apparatus are required to enter. A brackish blade works best, followed by the brine sabre. To kill the crabs alone, lure the rangers into a closed door. If the rangers are already there, pray melee and kill the crabs. The crabs have a moderate chance of dropping the brackish blade, worth 116,034 coins. Completion of A Clockwork Syringe is required. And a good stab weapon, melee protection prayer along with prayer potion is advised. Also some antipoison to defend against General malpractitioner.
2***** Level 68 Spiritual Warriors, which are found in the God Wars Dungeon. They drop various items good for using High Alchemy on, and have fairly common drops of Rune halberds, Rune Kiteshields, and Rune Longswords. They also drop Level 3 Clue scrolls. 100+ Combat Advised, along with God protection armour
2***** Level 70 Kurask can drop Mystic robe tops, shield left half, and various valuable noted/stacked items, in large quantities. 90+ combat, Leaf-bladed sword, leaf-bladed spear, Slayer Dart, Broad arrows, Broad-tipped bolts.
3***** Level 72 Skeletal Wyverns can drop granite legs, and are said to drop Draconic visages more often than other dragons, they also have a 100% drop rate of wyvern bones which are worth a fair price as they are needed to create Super prayer potions. 120+ combat, an Elemental shield, Mind shield, Body shield or Dragonfire Shield.
3***** Level 73 Jungle strykewyrms are common droppers of heavily used items. Papaya fruit sells for 2,975 and is often dropped at around 5-8 at once. They also drop a fair amount of Nature runes, noted herbs, Hexcrest, noted Pure essence, various runes, talismans and seeds. 80+ combat, Antipoison of any type, and good melee defence (crush especially)
3***** Level 75 Gargoyles can drop granite mauls, adamant boots, and black/red Mystic robe tops, along with a large amount of Fire runes and noted Pure essence. 90+ combat
4***** Level 77 Desert strykewyrms are common droppers of seeds and other noted items. They have the potential to drop a Focus Sight, which is currently worth 295,908, noted Yew logs, and noted items. 110-130 combat, very high Magical ranged defence.
3***** Level 80 Nechryael always drop Infernal ashes which are worth 2,491. They are also the only monster that drop the cheap Rune boots. They also drop a large quantity of Death runes, and the occasional Rune full helm which can increase profits if alchimised. 95+ combat
3***** Level 80 Mutated jadinko baby is a very good way to make a little bit profit fairly easy. They don't drop the Whip vine, but they usually drop large amounts of noted Grimy spirit weed, Grimy wergali, Yew logs, Mahogany logs, and Magic logs. Players can make 1k per kill with their 100% drop rate of the materials needed to create Bolas, though 87 Fletching is needed. 90-120 combat, high stab defence armour, use of Sagaies if ranging.
5***** Level 81 Killing Gladius can be very profitable, especially since the update which has improved their and their other Ascended's drop table. However, the Gladius has seen the most amount of benefit from the table, as they now drop a large variety of other weaponry, especially rune and adamant equipment frequently. They also drop the Ascended Keys, which fetch quite a lot at the Grand Exchange at the moment. Alternatively, you can just use the keys if you have 95 Slayer to potentially get a multi-million (although untradeable) piece which you can use to create one of the best Ranged weapons in-game. Alternatively, you can just kill Rorarius, as their drops are less appealing they can still be dropped quite quickly and earn almost the same amount of profit per hour depending on equipment drops. Rorarius also drop the keys, along with their other Ascended brethren. Killing the other two Ascended members, Capsarius and Scutarius is not recommended due to their difficulties and the lack of spawns throughout the dungeon compared to Gladius and Rorarius.

With the use of Soul Split, and a Pak Yak, players can stay as long as they want until they need to restock up on pouches or Prayer potions.

At least 70+ Ranged to use the Crystal bow or Karil's crossbow.
4***** Level 83 Spiritual Mages are known to drop Dragon boots, which are worth 11,077 coins each. They also have a reasonable drop rate of various low-high levelled runes. However, they are only found in the God Wars Dungeon and their magic attacks can hit very hard, so equipment to protect from all 4 gods' minions as well as prayer potions for Protect from Magic are recommended. 100+ combat,
Started Troll Stronghold,
60 strength or
60 agility, God protection armour, either 70 Agility, Constitution, Strength or Ranged if not using main room.
3***** Level 85 Killing Abyssal Demons for the Abyssal whips they drop is profitable, as they are worth 129,332 coins each. However, it is a rare drop. During one of the insider sessions at RuneFest, Jagex said the whip drop rate was 1:512. They have a reasonable drop rate of rune items, runes, noted essence and various items. 90+ combat
4***** Level 88 Killing Grifolapines can be quite profitable as they drop mainly noted items, with the exception of their unique drops, the Grifolic shield and Grifolic wand, which are currently worth 43,897 coins and 29,326 respectively. The wand is in high demand for barraging uses, and the Grifolic flakes that they drop frequently can be turned into Grifolic visors, Grifolic ponchos, or Grifolic leggings. They sell for 44,045 coins, 419,163 coins, and 135,970 respectively. They also drop a nice amount of herblore-based items. The Grifolic items can be made quickly in as little to 5–15 minutes depending on kill rate. Level 75+ Magic
4***** Level 90 If one has started Mourning's Ends Part II, killing Dark beasts can be a fair profit, as they have valuable drops such as the dark bow, which is worth 96,464 coins. Although, like the Abyssal whip, it is a rare drop. Most players prefer to kill Abyssal Demons as Abyssal whips are currently worth more than Dark Bows and players are able to stay at Abyssal Demons for longer periods of time without needing to bank. 150+ combat with a fine ranged weapon.
4***** Level 86 or 91 Killing Mutated Jadinko Guards / Males can be profitable as they drop many valuable herbs along with the whip vine which sells for 97,257 coins but is a rather rare drop. You will only be attacked by the vines if you are outside of a Jadinko's line of sight while in combat with it. They also drop at least 1k worth of materials to make bolas each kill; excrescence and mutated vines. These drops are stackable, so camping becomes a possibility with the right setup. 160+ combat with a fine melee weapon. Camping at these monsters is known to be good for blue charms, not for money, although.
5***** Level 93 Killing Ice Strykewyrms for a Staff of light can prove very profitable if you have luck. They are currently worth 297,007 coins on the Grand Exchange. They also have various commonly dropped items, such as herbs, bird's nests and magic logs. In order to kill these monsters players must have them set as a slayer task. The best slayer master for this is Kuradal. Players should either try and use slayer points in order to cancel tasks or just wait until Kuradal sets them. An alternative is to get Turael to skip your task, although this will reset your task streak. Slaying these monsters can prove very rewarding although getting Kuradal to set them as a task can prove time consuming, if not a waste of slayer points. Level 95 Magic is very effective, as Fire Surge with all magic bonuses active can be used to hit over 3000 on them. 150+ combat or high magic (preferably 95+ for Fire Surge as they are weak to fire spells). You must have a Fire cape or bought the slayer ability with points to be able to hit them and they can only be attacked if you are set them as a slayer task.
5***** Level 95 Killing Ganodermic creatures for various seeds and flakes can be profitable. Currently, you need at least 90 Slayer to harm them with the use of Wild pies. They uncommonly drop med/high-valued seeds like Magic seeds, Palm tree seeds, and other valuable ones. They also drop the Polypore stick which is worth 42,756. Players with a Polypore staff and a pile of Fire runes can constantly use the large amount of spores to recharge their stick at no cost (with 80 Farming). Cannoning is not recommended since the EoC. Currently, a Ganodermic visor is worth 124,686, Ganodermic poncho is worth 1,176,067, and Ganodermic leggings is worth 374,003, which can be possibly made within an hour or two for near-maxed/maxed players. 150+ Combat or high Magic level is needed. Preferably the Staff of light or Chaotic staff, along with good magic armour with prayer bonuses.
5***** Level 95 Killing the Legiones of the Monastery of Ascension can be quite profitable depending on your luck. However, these monsters have very high defence and can only be harmed by Ranged attacks. They also deal damage quite often with their lightning strikes when you stay on it for a while. However, when dealing with them with a hit-and-run method, you can easily knock them down. The Legiones drop the Ascension Signets, which are mandatory parts to create the Ascension crossbow or it's off-hand variant. There are six different types of Legiones; Legio Primus, Legio Secundus, Legio Tertius, Legio Quartus, Legio Quintus, and Legio Sextus. Each one has the same set of drops, and the only difference is that some have special abilities and drop different signets. At least 90+ Ranged and 80+ Defence, and a combat level of 190+.

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