Picking bananas
Requirements Picking bananas





Profit Experience gained
761,900 per hour


Inputs Outputs

400 x basket (2,800)
2 x ring of duelling (8) (4,494)

400 x bananas (5) (769,200)

Bananas can be picked in the banana plantation on Musa Point. By far the simplest way to get there is with an amulet of glory, which places you steps from the banana trees. Using baskets, which hold five bananas each, can significantly increase the number picked per hour. Bank using either a ring of duelling or TokKul-Zo if available.

Start out with 23 baskets in your inventory, with an amulet of glory and ring of duelling equipped. Put one of the empty baskets on your action bar so that whenever you click it, it will fill the first empty basket you have. Start picking bananas from the trees -- conveniently, each one has exactly five bananas, which is the number needed to fill a basket. After picking each tree clean, click to fill your basket, and move on to the next one. When all 23 baskets are full, use your duelling ring to teleport to Castle Wars, bank, and repeat. Each trip takes about 3.5 minutes, so you can bank approximately 400 bananas (5) per hour. These filled baskets will often sell for more than the bananas themselves, as they are used to protect curry trees in farming.

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