Mining soft clay

75 Agility-icon, Construction-icon, Crafting-icon, Dungeoneering-icon, Mining-icon, Herblore-icon, Summoning-icon and Prayer-icon for access to Prifddinas.


Pickaxe (rune or better recommended)
Varrock armour 1 or higher recommended (members)




Profit Experience gained
1,144,100 per hour

4,200 Mining experience

Inputs Outputs

1680 x Soft clay (1,177,680)

For mining dry clay from a clay rock, see Money making guide/Mining clay

Soft clay is an item that is always in demand due to being used in Crafting. It can only be mined in Prifddinas. Deposits respawn at a very high rate regardless of the server population, though having two rocks to yourself will greatly decrease the time required to fill your inventory. Once you have a full inventory, you can bank at the chest, or craft urns at the nearby wheel and pottery oven.

It is recommended to complete at least the easy Varrock tasks in order to be rewarded with the Varrock armour 1, which provides a chance of double ore per rock when worn.

A Bracelet of clay may also be worn to receive more clay. Each bracelet allows the player to mine 28 extra soft clay before disintegrating. Players will need 30 bracelets and make a profit of 1,144,140 per hour.

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