Making uncooked pizzas
Uncooked pizzaUncooked pizzaUncooked pizzaUncooked pizza
Uncooked pizzaIncomplete pizzaIncomplete pizzaIncomplete pizza
Incomplete pizzaIncomplete pizzaIncomplete pizzaIncomplete pizza
Incomplete pizzaIncomplete pizza

35 Cooking


100,000+ coins recommended




Profit Experience gained
455,700 per hour


Inputs Outputs

980 x Pizza base (528,220)
980 x Tomato (70,560)
980 x Cheese (168,560)

980 x Uncooked pizza (1,223,040)

Uncooked pizza can be cooked on a range, which creates a plain pizza and gives 143 cooking experience.

To start off, buy equal numbers pizza bases, cheese and tomatoes on the Grand Exchange. They can often be hard to buy due to the low quantity traded.

A fast but labour-intensive method to make uncooked pizzas is to put 14 pizza bases and 14 tomatoes in your inventory and create 14 incomplete pizzas. Then, withdraw 14 pieces of cheese from your bank and create the uncooked pizzas. It is best to do this at the Grand Exchange because it functions as a bank, and more ingredients can be bought there.

After you've made all of your uncooked pizzas, sell them on the Grand Exchange.

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