Making teak planks
Requirements Making planks







Profit Experience gained
1,065,000 per hour


Inputs Outputs

9,000 x teak logs (1,944,000)
4,050,000 coins
12 x Portable sawmill (114,024)

9000 x teak plank (7,173,000)

Making teak planks at the sawmill has long been a decent way to make money. With portable sawmills being added, this method is now much more profitable. At the portable sawmill, each plank requires one teak log and 450 coins to make. To make planks with maximum efficiency, deploy a portable sawmill near a bank or bank chest (for example, near the bank chest in Castle Wars), make a preset with 28 teak logs, and load it. Then click the sawmill and choose to make planks. Additionally, you can use portable sawmills on the one already deployed to increase its duration by five minutes per sawmill. You can make just over 750 planks on one portable which gives 9000 planks per hour.

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