Making pizza bases at Mess Sergeant Ramsey's Cooking Supplies Shop
Profit per instance
Pizza basePizza basePizza basePizza base
Pizza basePizza basePizza basePizza base
Pizza basePizza basePizza basePizza base
Pizza basePizza basePizza basePizza base
Pizza basePizza basePizza basePizza base
Pizza basePizza basePizza basePizza base
Pizza basePizza basePizza base
246,800 per instance
Activity time
25 minutes
Minimum recurrence time
8 hours 20 minutes
Effective profit
592,200 per hour
Skill requirements Quest requirements
35 Cooking None
Item requirements Other requirements
None The "Destroy empty containers when cooking" gameplay option needs to be enabled from the Miscellaneous Settings section of the Gameplay Settings.
Experience gained Inputs
525 Cooking experience 7,350 x coins
Location Outputs
Taverley 525 x pizza base (254,100)
Mess Sergeant Ramsey's Cooking Supplies Shop has a stock of 500 pots of flour that sells for 14 coins each. The stock replenishes at a rate of one per minute and is fully replenished in 8 hours and 20 minutes after being emptied. There is a sink directly behind Ramsey that can be used to turn pots of flour into pizza bases that can be sold for 484 coins each or used as an ingredient in making uncooked pizzas. There is a bank a short distance south of the shop where the pizza bases can be stored.

To get to the shop, use the Taverley lodestone, which takes you right next to the building. Go inside and buy 27 pots of flour (one free inventory space is required so that the empty pots have somewhere to go before they're destroyed), use the sink behind Ramsey to make them into pizza bases, and then run south to the bank to deposit the pizza bases. Since the shop doesn't have a "buy-x" option, getting the right amount of pots of flour requires the player to first select the pot of flour by clicking on it, selecting the Max option from the transaction interface, clicking -1, and then completing the transaction by clicking the Buy button. This makes the process more labor-intensive than it might seem at a first glance, but it's possible to get through the shop's stock in just 25 minutes.

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