Making pizza bases
Requirements Making pastry dough

35 Cooking





The "Destroy empty containers when cooking" gameplay option needs to be enabled from the Miscellaneous Settings section of the Gameplay Settings.

Profit Experience gained
326,200 per hour

2,160 Cooking experience

Inputs Outputs

2,160 x Pot of flour (652,320)

2,160 x Pizza base (978,480)

Pizza bases are made by using a pot of flour on a water source. The closest water sources to a bank in free-to-play are at the Grand Exchange, Falador, and Edgeville. The fountain at the Grand Exchange is probably the best location, as it's easier to buy and sell the items involved from there. Pots of flour can at times be difficult to buy at a low price, but leaving in an offer will usually be successful.

To make this method as efficient as possible, the "Destroy empty containers when cooking" gameplay option should be enabled. This can be done in the Miscellaneous Settings section of the Gameplay Settings. This will allow the player to turn 27 pots of flour into pizza bases per trip instead of the usual half-inventory of 14, at the cost of the pots being destroyed.

Withdraw 27 pots of flour from the bank, run to the centre area with the fountain, and use one of the pots on the fountain. Select pizza base, and wait about 30 seconds for all of the flour to be converted. Return to the bank in the corner, use a bank preset to store the pizza bases and withraw another 27 pots of flour, and repeat. With this method about 80 trips can be done per hour, for 2,160 pizza bases per hour. Sell the pizza bases on the Grand Exchange for as high a price as you can -- the guide price is not always an accurate indicator of what pizza bases are currently selling for.

This is primarily a free-to-play method, but members can also take part, preferably using the sink and Culinaromancer's Chest in the basement of Lumbridge Castle.

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