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Making healing aura scrolls

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Making healing aura scrolls
Requirements Making healing aura scrolls

88 Summoning-icon




Profit Experience gained
-1,011,000 per hour

6,126 Summoning-icon

Inputs Outputs

3,200 x Unicorn stallion pouch (10,758,400)
1.2 x Spirit kyatt pouch (5,962.8)

32,000 x Healing aura scroll (9,472,000)

Healing aura scrolls provide a stackable, low-cost form of healing. They are often used while fighting bosses and in other situations where inventory space is essential. Because most players choose to buy these scrolls on the Grand Exchange instead of making them, there is lots of profit in turning unicorn stallion pouches into scrolls.

To start off, buy Unicorn stallion pouches on the Grand Exchange. They have a buying limit of 5,000 per four hours. To save money, find the lowest price that others are buying the pouches for, and put in an offer slightly above theirs. It will take longer to fulfill, but it will greatly increase the profit.

The fastest way to make scrolls is at the Summoning obelisk south of Piscatoris. Begin by summoning a Spirit kyatt, and withdrawing 28 Unicorn stallion pouches. Use the kyatt's special ability to teleport to Piscatoris, and climb down the trapdoor just north of you. Use your pouches on the obelisk, and they will be made into scrolls. Teleport to a bank by using the TokKul-Zo (if you've completed The Elder Kiln) or a ring of duelling. Bank your scrolls and repeat. Each run takes 30 seconds, so you can make more than 32,000 scrolls an hour.

After you've made all of your scrolls, sell them on the Grand Exchange. Maximize your profit by buying one of the scrolls instantly, and selling yours for slightly less than that.

It is also possible to increase the profit by making these scrolls in the Amlodd Clan obelisk during Voice of Seren, which can yield 12 scrolls per pouch instead of 10. The trip is approximately the same time as using a Spirit kyatt. Assuming that the trips were equal time, the profit per hour will be 608,000.

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