Making botanist's amulets
Requirements Smelting

34 Crafting
27 Magic


Silver bars
Amulet mould (if not already in your tool belt)
Balls of wool
Cosmic runes
Air runes


Recommended: Artisan's outfit

Profit Experience gained
727,200 per hour

19,200 Crafting experience
29,600 Magic experience

Inputs Outputs

800 x Silver bar (156,000)
800 x Jade (2,862,400)
800 x Ball of wool (757,600)
800 x Cosmic rune (314,400)
2,400 x Air rune (67,200)

800 x Botanist's amulet (4,884,800)

The first process of this method requires combining silver bars and jades in a furnace (preferably a portable forge if at all possible; alternatively you can go to the Lumbridge furnace and use the convenient bank chest at the nearby Combat Academy) to make unstrung jade amulets.

Upon completion of all of these unstrung amulets, proceed to string all of them using balls of wool. The stringing should not take nearly as long as either of the two other processes.

The final step in this method is to enchant the amulets by using the Lvl-2 Enchant spell in Standard spells.

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