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Effectiveness Level required Details Other Requirements
2***** Level 4+ Enchant Crossbow Bolt spells can be an efficient way of profitably training Magic. Only one enchantment spell is necessary for 10 bolts, somewhat lowering the cost of runes. See Calculators/Bolt enchantment for an up-to-date table of which enchantment spells are profitable to cast.
2***** Level 7 (Optional 27 Runecrafting to craft cosmic runes, Saves money) Create games necklaces. Buy sapphire necklaces for 419 coins, cosmic runes for 240 coins, and a mindspike or water staff (which is 521 coins, but is a one-time purchase). Enchant the sapphire necklaces with Enchant Level 1 Jewellery and sell the games necklaces back for 922 coins, making 263 coins per necklace. also you can use the teleports on the games necklace wearing it down to games necklace(1) which sells for 4566|- making this method more effective for money making yet consumes more time. You can also make the cosmic runes yourself at 27 Runecrafting and save 113 gold per enchant if you mine the pure essence yourself.
2***** Level 25+ With access to a lectern, creating magic tablets is an effective and popular way to make money with Magic at many levels. At level 25 Magic Varrock Teleport tablets can be made using one law rune (419 coins), one soft clay (231 coins), one fire rune (60 coins), and a staff of air (526 coins, one-time purchase). Varrock Teleport tablets sell for 1350 coins each, for a profit of 640 coins per tablet. See Calculators/Tablet for an up-to-date analysis of the profitability of various tablets. 40+ Construction or a friend with the right lectern
3***** Level 27+ Use Enchant Level 2 Jewellery to create and sell rings of duelling. Emerald rings are 845 coins, cosmic runes are 240 coins, and an air staff is a one-time cost of 526 coins. Duelling rings sell for 1366 coins each, for a profit of 281 coins per ring.
5***** Level 33+ There are a few ways to make money with the Telekinetic Grab spell, which only costs 419 coins if an air staff or equivalent is wielded. Wine of Zamorak, found at the Zamorakian temple south of the Goblin Village can be telegrabbed and sold for 3007 coins each.
4***** Level 33+ The Mage Training Arena is a decent place at which to train Magic for profit. Though cost of runes to earn Pizazz points may seem high, Infinity robes sell for high amounts of coins, ultimately resulting in profit. The best things to buy are the Infinity boots (243028 coins) and the Mages' book (39112 coins). Since the Master wand's recent jump in price (81223 coins), it may be a good option to buy as well if you plan on training here for a while. This proves to be an extremely good source of money for those who can do this activity for a long time, averaging up to 500K per hour. (See current Grand Exchange prices for profit per hour).
4***** Level 35+, the higher the better Despite being a chromatic dragon, blue dragons are fairly vulnerable to Magic attacks. They can be easily safespotted in the Ogre Enclave, in Taverley Dungeon and the Heroes' Guild and killed with a variety of combat spells, from Fire Bolt all the way up to Fire Surge. But only the chaos rune will probably give a profit. The blood rune and death rune are too expensive. They always drop dragon bones and blue dragonhide; together these are worth 5527 coins. They also drop hard clue scrolls, ancient effigies, and various items such as gems and runes. Wear Magic armour and an anti-dragon shield just to be safe. Watchtower Quest completed if using the Ogre Enclave.
4***** Level 40+ Creating House Teleport tablets at a mahogany eagle lectern is more profitable than most other tablets, due to the higher demand for House Teleport. Bring law runes (419 coins each), air runes (23 coins each), an earth staff, and soft clay (231 coins each). House Teleport tablets sell for 1482 coins each, for a profit of 809 coins per tablet(372 per tablet at -5%).Using this method based on the G.E. Market can make you roughly 250k an hour, with Falador teleports, using house teleports to get back. You can also use your Ring of kinship, with House teleports to get back, to save money. 67 Construction for the necessary mahogany eagle lectern, or a friend who has one in their house.
5***** level 50+ (higher level will be better) When you unlock the spell Slayer dart, you can go to Waterbirth Island and fight the Dagannoth Kings for very valuable drops such as the Berserker ring (Dagannoth Rex has a very low magic defence, which make him a very good target for mages). Must have very good armour and very high defence. Level 55 Slayer-icon
3***** Level 60+ Create Bones to Peaches tablets at a mahogany demon lectern in a player-owned house, either yours or someone else's. Wield a mud battlestaff. 2 nature runes are 712 coins and soft clay is 231 coins each, and the Bones to Peaches tablets sell for 375 coins each, for a profit of -568 coins per tablet. If making them in your own house, use of a servant can help increase the number of tablets made per hour (completion of Love Story is recommended for this method as it reduces servant costs by 25%). Bones to Peaches unlocked from the Mage Training Arena, access to a mahogany demon lectern 3***** Level 77+ Casting Superglass Make has the potential to be profitable, however it will currently cause you to lose money. Each cast converts all pairs of buckets of sand and seaweed in your inventory to approximately 1.33 molten glass per set. Each cast uses 2 astral runes, 10 air runes and 6 fire runes. The most efficient inventory is to use an air rune-supplying staff and have astral and fire runes in your inventory, along with 13 buckets of sand and 13 seaweed. You can complete upwards of 200 casts per hour this way. You can complete up to 500 casts per hour if you use mousekeys.

If you follow the alternate method here, you can learn how to use mousekeys to complete up to 600 casts per hour.

Note: The amount of glass obtained per inventory can vary significantly (between 13 (a 1:1 ratio) and 22 (a 1:1.7 ratio)), so be aware as your profit may vary.

Requires Lunar Diplomacy.

Due to constantly changing prices for items on the Grand Exchange, some information in this article may or may not be current.
It is strongly recommended to check the live prices on the Grand Exchange before making larger investments in any method
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