Killing Muspahs
Requirements Killing muspahs

80 Magic recommended
92+/95 Prayer recommended
96 Herblore recommended
96 Summoning recommended


Overload flasks or Holy overload potions
Prayer renewal flasks
Super restore flasks
Tier 80+ magic weapon with runes for Ancient Magicks
Beast of Burden (Pack yak recommended)
Winter storage scrolls with a Pack yak
Sixth-Age circuit recommended
Shard of Zaros optional
Magic notepaper recommended if not banking


Fate of the Gods required
Desert Treasure strongly recommended

Be on the Ancient Magicks spellbook
Have had your Sixth-Age circuit improved by the druid at Guthix's shrine

Profit Experience gained
2,374,800 per hour

373,800 Magic Magic experience
124,600 Constitution Constitution experience

Inputs Outputs

7 x Super restore flasks (118,958)
2 x Super prayer renewal potions (38,290)
2 x Overload flasks (247,834)
425 x Fire runes (33,150)
170 x Blood runes (97,750)
1 x Pack yak pouch (4,064)
76 x Winter storage scrolls (22,268)

22 x Rune platelegs (815,562)
22 x Rune full helms (434,060)
16 x Dragon maces (449,856)
580 x Blood runes (333,500)
812 x Death runes (120,176)
168 x Dragon arrowheads (54,432)
504 x Dragon bolt tips (142,128)
1,500 x Elder energy (319,500)
210,000 coins (coin drops)

The profit rate assumes 350 kills per hour. Your actual profit may be higher or lower depending on your speed. Profit or loss from creating pouches from spines is not included.

Muspah are unlocked after completing Fate of the Gods. They are found in Freneskae in the Cradle where they were originally encountered during the quest. The fastest means of reaching the world gate to enter Freneskae is by teleporting with a Sixth-Age circuit after having this teleport added by the Guthixian High Druid.

When using Ancient Magicks, the High Level Alchemy spell will not be available, so a Pack Yak or Magic notepaper is required to keep the equipment drops. It is also possible to carry a Spring cleaner if a player owns it, which will convert and subsequently bank rune equipment into runite ore and coal, although the dragon equipment will need to be kept another way.

Muspah have some unique drops: Elder energy, Muspah spines, and Elder charms, materials required to create Nightmare muspah pouches. They drop rune equipment and other valuable items considerably often. Muspah are also weak to Ancient Magicks, taking double damage from the spells. As such, the best way to kill them is by using any spell from the Ancient Spellbook, but players without Pack Yaks will need to bank any rune equipment and dragon maces that they drop often. Muspah are instanced, so players do not need to worry about competition from other players, and also have a very fast respawn rate. It is up to the player to decide whether or not they decide to collect the spines, keeping in mind that they cannot be noted with magic notepaper.

With 99 Magic, tier 80+ weapons, a magic boost and Torment active, accuracy is 100%. Muspah are not very powerful, dealing little damage compared to other post-quest Grandmaster monsters. With Sunshine active, players can potentially kill Muspah within 3-5 hits, as they will be dealing 150% bonus damage along with their current magic weapon of choice. Players can opt to use Soul Split, but they drop sharks commonly enough for players to not use it.

It should be noted that Muspah have 100% accuracy, and do not seem to be affected by protection prayers.

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