Killing frost dragons
Requirements Killing frost dragons

85 Dungeoneering required
3 Invention recommended
85 Herblore recommended
92 Prayer recommended
96 Summoning recommended
110 Combat recommended


Dungeoneering cape or Hoardstalker ring for direct access to this dungeon
Upgraded Bonecrusher recommended for easier bone looting
TokKul-Zo recommended for quick access to fairy ring
Pack yak pouch, other beast of burden or magic notepaper recommended
High level combat gear (Chaotic or Drygore recommended)



Profit Experience gained
3,122,700 per hour

240,000 Combat experience
80,000 Constitution experience

Inputs Outputs

2.5 x super antifire (8,667.99)
13 x prayer potion (4) (52,563)
250 x Winter storage scroll (73750)
1 x Pack yak pouch (3,950)
200,000 coins (equipment repair)

250 x frost dragon bones (3,264,000)
0.025 x draconic visage (30,331)
100,000 x coins (alchemy/coin drops)
12 x Water talisman (67,308)

The profit rate assumes 250 kills per hour. Your actual profit may be higher or lower depending on your speed.

Frost dragons are commonly killed for their 100% drop of frost dragon bones, worth 13,056 coins each. 85 Dungeoneering is required to access the resource dungeon in which these dragons reside. Using Soul Split, a pack yak familiar with the Winter Storage scroll, (supreme) overload, and high level equipment augmented with the dragon slayer perk, it is possible to get upwards of 310 kills per hour, banking as needed. If using a legendary pet with the ability scavenge(set only to bones) as well as utilising Telekinetic grab to acquire bones from far away and magic notepaper for the bones looted while the special ability bar is recharging one can even kill as many as 360 per hour also resulting in a total of 534,095 combat experience (incl. Constitution).

(Note about banking with winter storage: It is readily possible to reach upwards of 240 kills per hour, even if one banks with winter storage. 2 summoning flasks(6) are required for this method. Bank using winter storage as required, and drink doses of summoning potion as needed. Once out of potion, store bones in the pack yak, and inventory, and one can sustain a 36 minute trip (1 flask of super anti-fire or regular anti-fire potion's duration) in this manner without having to bank.)

Frost dragons do drop other noted items, such as noted herbs, ammo and equipment. However, it is best not to pick up items worth less than their bones, as it will reduce profit rates. Items that should be picked up should be either lantadymes/dwarf weed, water talismans, rune longswords and rune arrows, provided that the player is not ranging the dragons.

The main danger frost dragons pose is their ability to recoil damage. After the dragon has been engaged in combat for a random period of time, a blue orb will begin to circle the dragon. When this orb is active, any damage that would have been dealt to the dragon will instead be reflected back to the one fighting the dragon. If using abilities such as Sever, Assault, and Destroy, the frost dragon will most likely not be able to activate the orb before being killed. Food is not required, as Soul Split, Regenerate, Sacrifice, and Guthix's Blessing may be used to heal. However, it's recommended to bring about 3 rocktails in case of an emergency heal. When finished with a trip, banking may be done via the TokKul-Zo, selecting the TzHaar Fight Cave option in order to gain proximity to a bank and fairy ring. If The Brink of Extinction has been completed you could select the Fight Cauldron option and burn yourself in the lava there to quickly restore your prayer and life points.

Once banking and resupplying has been done, use the fairy ring near the Fight Cave and code AIQ will bring the player to Mudskipper Point, a few steps south of the entrance to the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon. Players may also use the Port Sarim lodestone and run south to the dungeon. If a Hoardstalker ring is available, it can provide teleports straight to the entrance of the resource dungeon, drastically minimising the downtime to a mere few seconds when used in conjunction with the Tokkul-Zo.

With the introduction of the Arc Part 2, there is now the option to upgrade the bonecrusher to pick up bones instead of crushing them. This both removes the requirement for a Legendary pet and increases the kills/hr with the reduced time spent picking up bones.

The mobile perk may be used to reduce the cooldown of surge and barge, to decrease kill times when using melee, due to being able to dash from one dragon to another instead of running. ----

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