Killing desert goats
Requirements Killing desert goats

30 Multicombat recommended


Strong two-handed weapon




Profit Experience gained
157,000 per hour

12,000 Multicombat experience
4,000 Constitution experience

Inputs Outputs


360 x desert goat horn (156,960)

Goats drop desert goat horns 100% of the time, and they can be one-hit with a decent two-handed weapon. Four of them are found south-west of the Nardah bank. Killing all four of them only takes about 15 seconds, and on a popular world they will respawn in about 40 seconds. As the bank is only seconds away, it's easy to store your horns in between killing them.

As the area is in the Kharidian Desert, you will take some damage from desert heat. This should not be very significant, as whenever you enter the bank you will quickly be healed back to full health. If for some reason this is not enough, consider using desert clothing or an enchanted water tiara.

As you'll be waiting a while between killing the goats, you could combine this with another money making method, or a training method like High Level Alchemy. In addition, you could grind the goat horns with a pestle and mortar, which would make the total profit per hour 238,680.

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