Killing cows and tanning cowhide
Requirements Collecting and tanning cowhide

10+ Multicombat recommended


Fast level 10+ equipment




Profit Experience gained
238,800 per hour

3,500 Multicombat experience
1,000 Constitution experience

Inputs Outputs

1,800 coins

600 x hard leather (240,600)

Level 2 cows in Burthorpe have 25 life points and always drop cowhide. The pen is located south of the lodestone in Burthorpe. Start killing the cows -- they respawn instantly. Since they have a fairly long death animation, kill one cow, then another, then grab the first cow's hide. This is faster than waiting for the first one to die. Once you have 28 cowhide, run slightly north to Jack Oval, who will tan them into hard leather for 3 coins each. Run further north to the Bank Gnome, bank the leather, run back to the cow pen, and repeat.

For players who intend to use either Magic or Ranged, it is highly recommended to equip a weapon with decent accuracy and does not use ammunition (E.g. Mindspike, Chargebow, Quickbow). Free players with higher Magic or Ranged levels may use Chain (45 Magic) or Ricochet (45 Ranged) in order to kill more cows using Full Manual or Revolution combat modes.

At times it may be better to make soft leather instead -- hard leather is currently worth 401, while soft leather is currently worth 385.

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