Killing K'ril Tsutsaroth
Requirements K'ril boss room

138 Multicombat recommended (99 Magic, Defence)
70 Constitution required
96 Summoning recommended
96 Herblore recommended
95 Prayer recommended
99 Constitution recommended


High-level weapons (dual seismics, noxious staff,Camel staff, Chaotic staff,Staff of darkness or noxious scythe)
High-level armour (Virtus/Torva, Sea singer's/Tetsu or Tectonic armour/Malevolent armour recommended)
Overload, prayer renewal, antipoison and super restore potions recommended
Some high-healing food (rocktails recommended)
Vampyrism or Penance aura
Pack yak recommended
Explorer's ring 4/High Alchemy runes recommended
Attuned ectoplasmator highly recommended
Demon horn necklace (to take with attuned ectoplasmator)


Partial completion of Troll Stronghold
The Temple at Senntisten recommended

Profit Experience gained
2,623,300 per hour

308,000 Combat experience
101,000 Constitution experience

Inputs Outputs

2 x overload flask (6) (195232)
16 x super restore flask (6) (299,213)
30 x rocktails (96,420)
1 x Pack yak pouch (4,072)
40 x Winter storage scrolls (12,520)
Elite Enhanced Excalibur recommended
400,000 coins (gear repair)
200,000 coins (instance cost)

30 x Infernal ashes (32,580)
80 x Grimy lantadyme (251,920)
24 x Lantadyme seed (18,816)
70 x Wine of Zamorak (632,240)
200 x Blood rune (117,800)
200 x Death rune (34,400)
0.18 x Zamorakian spear (312,526)
0.18 x Steam battlestaff (7,620)
0.18 x Hood of subjugation (174,562)
0.18 x Gown of subjugation (406,031)
0.18 x Garb of subjugation (467,230)
0.18 x Gloves of subjugation (167,464)
0.18 x Boots of subjugation (231,933)
0.18 x Ward of subjugation (170,134)
0.18 x Zamorak hilt (105,500)
700,000 coins (alchemy and coin drops)

The profit rate assumes 60 kills per hour running 3 hour trips with fast respawn rate. Your actual profit may be higher or lower depending on your speed.

The robes of subjugation set is desired by players due to its decent bonuses and the fact that it does not degrade, in addition to being a popular choice for Zamorak components, which is used for the Impatient perk. K'ril can also drop the Zamorak hilt, Zamorakian spear and steam battlestaff, and he and his minions can drop parts of the godsword. Apart from his unique drops, K'ril also drops a good amount of runes, herbs and seeds.

Like the other generals in the dungeon, K'ril can be reached by killing 40 Zamorakian followers. When entering the dungeon, it is best to get your kill count outside the dungeon, draining yourself of any prayer points before entering. This is because when you enter Zamorak's Fortress, all of your prayer points are depleted upon entry. Once you have obtained your kill count, you can enter the boss room. There is a lobby safe from all combat before the fight, where you can prepare before entering. If no world is available, you can make an instance; however, this costs 200,000 per hour. This instance cost is required for players who want K'ril to spawn faster.

Winter storage is recommended to bank the common un-noted drops such as potions.

During the fight, K'ril will attack with both magic and melee attacks. K'ril simply swings his scimitar at you when using his melee attack, and when using his magic attack he will jump briefly before slamming his scimitar on the ground. His attacks only focus on one target, however players near or on his target will also suffer damage. These attacks can also cause poison damage up to around 450, so bring antipoison if this proves too damaging. During the fight, he can use a special ability which goes off when he says "YARRRRRRR!". This will deal heavy damage (up to 5500) and drain prayer points. The attack's damage and prayer drain are dependent on your current life points and prayer points. The best way to counter this attack is by using Debilitate as it will reduce the damage by up to 2750 instead, although the prayer drain remains unaffected. With level 80+ magic gear or level 90+ weapons, you should expect him to use this special at least once per kill, although it is possible to get two prayer smashes or none at all, depending on when he uses it. If you suspect that he is about to use his prayer smash, walk under him while noting where he moves and attacking him at the same time, or walk under him until Debilitate is ready.

When killing the minions, start off with Balfrug Kreeyath, since his magic attacks will deal the majority of the damage compared to the other two. Then kill Tstanon Karlak and finally Zakl'n Gritch. If you have a greater demon Slayer task, you will be able to kill K'ril and Tstanon much faster since they are labelled as greater demons. It is optional to use Deflect Magic, as this will reduce Balfrug's attacks to 1, although Soul Split is much more common and is used against the fight with K'ril. Players should best wait for K'ril to respawn on the southwestern or southeastern areas of the room; on the southwestern side players can avoid Zakl'n while on the southeastern side they can avoid Tstanon and Balfrug, which results in less damage per kill. If K'ril and his minions deal too much damage, use Guthix's Blessing or activate Enhanced Excalibur instead and lobby then re-enter to remove the cooldown. Exiting to the lobby will not terminate the instance prematurely.

Subjugation robes from K'ril Tsutsaroth are estimated to be around 1/330 for a given drop, giving around 1/55 for any drop at all. His minions drop wine of Zamorak frequently, along with small blood and death rune drops. They also drop either 3 sharks or 2 tuna potatoes, which can increase the length of a trip.

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