Killing Fungal magi
Requirements Killing fungal mage

77 Magic recommended
70 Defence recommended


Polypore staff/Armadyl battlestaff highly recommended
Ring of wealth highly recommended




Profit Experience gained
1,357,300 per hour

128,000 Magic experience

Inputs Outputs

None (Possibly some food if you are a low level and the Gorajian mushrooms they drop aren't enough)

350x Potato cactus (1,164,450)
60x Limpwurt root (154,440)
1,600x Pure essence (38,400)
25x Random Herbs

The profit rate assumes 560 kills per hour. Your actual profit may be lower or higher depending on your kill speed.

Fungal mages are level 81 monsters with 2,900 life points. They can be found in Polypore Dungeon on the first to third floors. Like most monsters in the dungeon, they attack with Magic, and like all monsters, enjoy a heavy damage reduction on any attack that is not a Dwarf multicannon or Magic. Fungal mages are weak to air spells; this makes the Armadyl battlestaff and Polypore staff highly recommended to conserve air runes.

Most platforms on the first and second floors will have three to four fungal mages in each one. Although fungal mages can be found on the third floor, it is not recommended to kill them there as there are only two fungal mages on the main section on the third floor only, and players may have to wait for them to respawn if they kill them too quick.

Fungal mages attack with slightly accurate magic attacks. If the player gets within melee distance, they will say "Krrr!", and deal very low but rapid fungal damage on the player, which cannot be negated with Antipoison of any sort. Splashing neem oil is not recommended as even though it stops the mage from attacking for a while, it reduce the amount of mages killed per hour. Use one threshold whenever possible, as their low life points makes it invaluable to use it when it is on low health.

Fungal mages are known for dropping noted items, such as Potato cactus (they drop 8 at a time, making each cactus drop worth 26,616 coins), Limpwurt roots, Snape grass, and Pure essence quite often. Polypore spores and fungal flakes can be ignored; while they are dropped in large quantities, they are only worth 3 and 6 coins each respectively.

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