Hunting graahks
Requirements Hunting graahks

41 Hunter (60+ recommended)


Fairy Tale Part II recommended


Profit Experience gained
740,200 per hour

52,000 Hunter experience

Inputs Outputs


56 x graahk fur (740,152)

Graahks can be found north of Cairn Island, in Karamja, and are easily accessibly via the fairy ring code C-K-R. They are hunted using a teasing stick and pitfall trapping with logs and a knife.

At level 41 Hunter, the graahks will commonly jump over your pitfall traps, so 60+ Hunter is recommended to reduce the time it takes to capture a graahk. A set of Larupia hunter gear may also improve catch rates.

When captured, graahks will yield either a graahk fur or a tatty graahk fur. The exact ratio of tatty to perfect furs vary with your Hunter level. The latter should be discarded, as it's only worth 54 coins, but the perfect furs are worth 13,217 coins.

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