Harvesting luminous energy
Requirements Luminous wisp location

90 Divination (93+ recommended)


Tome of frost and regen bracelet (recommended)



Profit Experience gained
1,219,400 per hour

15,000 Divination experience

Inputs Outputs


6,700 x luminous energy (1,219,400)

Luminous energy is usually in demand for those who want the extra Divination experience from converting memories with energy, or those who want to train Invention. Level 90 Divination is required to harvest luminous energy, but having level 93 gives the best chances of harvesting enriched luminous memories. Remember that every 20 minutes starting on the hour, an enriched wisp will spawn. Harvest it for a guaranteed supply of enriched memories. Enriched memories can be converted to twice the energy that normal memories can.

Note: Luminous wisps are spread out, and they are found within the desert. Protective gear is recommended. A tome of frost in conjunction with a regen bracelet will negate the effects of the desert heat.

For maximum profit, convert all memories into energy (option one). Converting memories to energy produces energies at approximately 6,700 per hour. If better experience gain is desired, players can convert their memories into experience (option two) instead. This method yields approximately 3,000 energies per hour, 546,000 profit per hour, and 71,000 Divination experience per hour.

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