Harvesting cursed energy
Requirements Cursed wisp location

95 Divination recommended
81 Summoning recommended


Wilderness sword 4 or Amulet of glory (STRONGLY recommended), Elder divination outfit (recommended)



Profit Experience gained
2,834,700 per hour

20,000 Divination experience

Inputs Outputs

1.03 x Nightmare muspah pouch (28,818)

12,400 x incandescent energy (2,864,400)

Cursed energy can be woven into incandescent energy at a rate of 100:150 if you have 95 Divination. However, this activity is very risky, since the cursed wisp colony is located in level 25 Wilderness, in addition to being in a multi-way area. It is strongly recommended to take a way of teleporting to Edgeville from here (Wilderness sword 4 and Amulet of glory can both do this - do note that the Wilderness sword 3 and lower cannot teleport from level 25 Wilderness).

To get the most out of this method, go to the colony and use the muspah pouch. All collected memories should be converted into energy. Once the duration of the muspah is done (assuming you haven't been killed or needed to teleport because of player killers), teleport back to Edgeville and weave all cursed energy into incandescent energy, which can then be sold for 231 each on the Grand Exchange. To increase profits, wear an Elder divination outfit, as it has a chance of giving more energy on a harvest. The outfit is always kept on death, even when skulled.

Also, it is advised to bring gear suitable for escaping player killers. While the area is typically deserted most of the time, it does not hurt to bring gear in case you find a hostile player attacking you while harvesting energies. If you are unable to use the Elder divination outfit, it is advised to bring a set of royal and a shield as well as food and brews. Cheap armour and equipment (such as a set of royal dragonhide and royal crossbow) can be used as a good deterrent for most player killers. The Mobile perk is also recommended to quickly escape from hostile players. If you are not teleblocked, you can simply teleport with out with dragonstone jewellery or the Wilderness Sword 4; if you are, you can simply run to the ditch or into the nearby Forinthry Dungeon, depending on how many players are attacking you.

It may be possible to further increase the profit by selling the cursed energy directly. Although cursed energy cannot be placed on the Grand Exchange, it can be traded between players. Check the official RuneScape forums for the street prices is recommended; as cursed energy converts to regular energy at a 100:150 ratio, it would be worth selling the cursed energy if the street price is greater than 66% of the most expensive energy that the player can weave.

Type Level Sell unwoven
if price is above
Pale energy 1000 Pale energy 1 123
Flickering energy 1000 Flickering energy 10 144
Bright energy 1000 Bright energy 20 142.5
Glowing energy 1000 Glowing energy 30 142.5
Sparkling energy 1000 Sparkling energy 40 141
Gleaming energy 1000 Gleaming energy 50 135
Vibrant energy 1000 Vibrant energy 60 123
Lustrous energy 1000 Lustrous energy 70 148.5
Brilliant energy 1000 Brilliant energy 80 180
Radiant energy 1000 Radiant energy 85 204
Luminous energy 1000 Luminous energy 90 222
Incandescent energy 1000 Incandescent energy 95 346.5

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