Farming morchella mushrooms
Profit per instance
Morchella mushroom5
273,300 per instance
Activity time
2 minutes
Minimum recurrence time
240 minutes
Effective profit
8,199,700 per hour
Skill requirements Quest requirements
74 Farming Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen strongly recommended
Item requirements Other requirements
None Medium Tirannwn tasks required for Isafdar patch, Elite Morytania Tasks strongly recommended
Experience gained Inputs
1718 Farming 2 x Morchella mushroom spore (266)
1 x Supercompost (661)
Location Outputs
Mushroom patches 36 x Morchella mushroom (288,684)
There are two mushroom patches. Start at the mushroom patch west of Canifis. The simplest way to get to the patch is by using the fairy ring CKS, which teleports you steps from the patch. Once you're there, harvest the mushrooms and plant new ones. Next teleport to the Tirannwn lodestone, go west through the dense forest and run south to the Isafdar mushroom patch. Harvest and replant the mushrooms. The patches have a growing time of 240 minutes. The Morytania Tasks help immensely for growing morchella mushrooms -- after completing the medium tasks, the Morytania patch will be immune from disease, so no supercompost is necessary. However, it is advised to use supercompost on the Isafdar patch as this may become diseased. After completing the elite Morytania tasks, you'll get double the mushrooms that you would normally, 18 instead of 9, from both patches per patch. The profit above is calculated with the Morytania elite and Tirannwn medium tasks completed, but this method is worth doing even if you haven't completed them.

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