Farming grapevines
Profit per instance
Farming grapevines
550,000 per instance
Activity time
5 minutes
Minimum recurrence time
80 minutes
Effective profit
6,600,000 per hour
Skill requirements Quest requirements
95 Farming
92 Cooking
13 Agility recommended
Fairy Tale I - Growing Pains recommended
Item requirements Other requirements
Farming equipment on tool belt
Magic secateurs recommended
Supreme greenfingers recommended
Transportation recommendations:
Captain's log
Camelot Teleport
Varrock lodestone teleport
Watchtower Teleport
Experience gained Inputs
14780 Farming experience 16 x grapevine seeds (537,568)
4 x Supercompost (2,136)
20 x planks (14,280)
42 x jug of water (21,966)
Location Outputs
Hops patches 20 x Wine of Zamorak (193,260)
10 x Wine of Saradomin (911,940)
12 x Wine of Guthix (20,748)
Farming grapes and turning them into wine can be very profitable as the wines (mainly Wine of Zamorak and Wine of Saradomin) are used for popular high-level potions. To maximise crop yield, you should have:

Without these items, grape farming is much less profitable.

Begin your run at Yanille with 10 planks, 8 grapevine seeds, 2 supercompost, and any teleportation methods. Pick the grapes from the patch, using the leprechaun to note all grapes. When the patch is empty, apply supercompost first, then build a frame with 5 planks, and finally plant the seeds. Your next patch should be the Lumbridge patch. Travel here by using the Varrock lodestone teleport and running south; with 13 Agility, you can use the shortcut on the south fence. Repeat the process for harvesting and planting grapes here.

Next, teleport to Seers' Village. Using Camelot Teleport is the most convenient method as you will need to make a bank stop, and this teleport location has a bank along the path to the hops patch. At the bank, take out 10 more planks, 8 more seeds, and 2 more supercompost. Also, if you happen to have any equipment not allowed on Entrana, bank it now. The magic secateurs are an exception, as will be mentioned later.

Run west and north to the hops patch and harvest then plant your grapes. Before leaving, store your magic secateurs with the tool leprechaun, or place them on your tool belt; this is the only way to smuggle them onto Entrana. Then, teleport to Port Sarim (a captain's log is the best option) and take the boat to Entrana. Once there, withdraw your secateurs from the leprechaun tool storage, and then harvest and plant your grapes.

Finally, teleport to any bank and create wine. Grapes must be used on the jugs of water, vice versa does not seem to work. Also, note that wine can ferment in the bank, so you do not need to wait for it to ferment before starting a new inventory.

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