Farming avantoe
Profit per instance
Farming herbs
89,200 per instance
Activity time
5 minutes
Minimum recurrence time
80 minutes
Effective profit
1,070,400 per hour
Skill requirements Quest requirements
50 Farming
61 Magic recommended
My Arm's Big Adventure strongly recommended
Plague's End recommended
Item requirements Other requirements
Farming equipment on tool belt
Magic secateurs recommended
Supreme greenfingers recommended
Juju farming potion recommended
Scroll of life recommended
Transportation recommendations:
Explorer's ring 3
Trollheim Teleport
Camelot Teleport
Ardougne Teleport or Ardougne cloak 2 or higher
Crystal teleport seed or Farmer's outfit with modified farmer's hat
Experience gained Inputs
2533 Farming experience 6 x Avantoe seed (2,256)
6 x Supercompost (3,348)
Location Outputs
Herb patches 58 x Grimy avantoe (94,598)
0.54 x Avantoe seed (203.04)
Farming grimy avantoe can be a very profitable way to spend a few minutes at a time. However, it most profitable when all possible items to maximize the crop yield:

Without these items, herb farming is much less profitable. One could expect about 6.8 herbs per patch and a 10% death rate, but with all of the above, an average of 9.8 herbs per patch can be achieved, meaning 58 per run.

Start your run with 6 avantoe seeds, 6 supercompost, transportation to get to all six patches and whatever yield-boosting items you have. At each location, harvest any available herbs, note them with the tool leprechaun, compost the patch, and plant a new seed.

From start to finish, this process takes about five minutes, and the new seeds you planted can be checked in 80 minutes. You could sell your herbs after each run, or wait a while and sell them.

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