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Enchanting Ruby bolts
Requirements Enchant bolts

49 Magic




Profit Experience gained
-1,620,000 per hour

79,650 Magic

Inputs Outputs

13,500 x Ruby bolts (3,510,000)
1,350 x Blood rune (768,150)
1,350 x Cosmic rune (460,350)

13,500 x Ruby bolts (e) (3,118,500)

Ruby bolts (e) are used in both monster killing and player killing for their special Blood forfeit effect. There is often a high demand for them, and you can enchant them for Magic experience and usually significant profit.

Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Ruby) is cast with one Blood rune, one Cosmic rune, five Fire runes, and enchants 10 bolts at a time. Use a staff of fire for free fire runes. Click the Enchant Crossbow Bolt magic spell, which opens a menu to enchant bolts. You can right-click the ruby bolts in this menu to enchant up to 10 sets of 10 bolts at once. Each set of ten spells takes approximately 26 seconds, so you can make up to 13,500 enchanted ruby bolts per hour. Because the runes and bolts all stack, there is no need to bank, and you can enchant in almost any location.

The bolt market is fairly volatile, so test the profit of one set of bolts before you buy the runes and bolts in bulk. Maximize your profit by buying one ruby bolt (e) instantly, and sell all of yours for slightly less than what you paid. They may take a while to sell, but it can mean an extra 200 coins per cast compared to selling yours at the lowest price.

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