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Crafting Armadyl runes
Requirements Crafting armadyl runes

72 Runecrafting (99 recommended)


20+ Skills necklace (4)
TokKul-Zo or 20+ Ring of duelling (8)
40,000,000+ coins recommended



Profit Experience gained
7,283,800 per hour

46,800 Runecrafting

Inputs Outputs

4,770 x Dust of Armadyl (16,265,700)
4,770 x Pure essence (109,710)

47,700 x Armadyl rune (23,659,200)

Armadyl runes are used to cast Storm of Armadyl. At a very high Runecrafting level, it can be incredibly profitable to craft them, using pure essence and dust of Armadyl. However, due to the high cost of the supplies, it is a necessity to check the prices of Armadyl runes and dust of Armadyl beforehand, and to assess the risk.

Armadyl runes are made by taking pure essence and dust of Armadyl to the air altar, south-west of Varrock. They have the same level multiplier as air runes, so at level 88 you can make 9 per essence, and at level 99 you can make 10. With level 88 Runecrafting the profit per hour is 4,917,870. Below level 88 the profit per hour is 2,551,950

Start off by withdrawing your four pouches and lots of dust of Armadyl, which is stackable. Equip a charged skills necklace and either the TokKul-Zo or a ring of duelling. Withdraw pure essence from the bank, fill your pouches, and teleport outside the Cooking Guild with the skills necklace. Run south to the air altar, enter it, and craft your essence. After you have made all of the runes, teleport to a bank using the ring of duelling or TokKul-Zo. Bank your runes, and repeat. This whole process takes 40 seconds, so you can do 90 trips in an hour and make more than 47,000 runes per hour.

Once you have made all of your runes, sell them on the Grand Exchange. Maximise your profit by buying one Armadyl rune instantly, and selling yours for just below that. Recharge your skills necklaces at the Legends' Guild.

Note that you can only buy 1,000 dust of Armadyl per four hours; it is helpful to get friends to buy dust for you, or to leave in an offer overnight. Furthermore, it can be incredibly difficult to buy dust of Armadyl, even if one attempts to buy it at twice the market price.

Using massive pouches can increase the profit per hour to 9,620,100. However, the pouches only last for 42 uses and cost 1,000 Runespan points each. It is not worth it to spend your time at the Runespan gaining massive pouches solely for making armadyl runes, but if you have excess Runespan points it is a worthy use.

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