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This page contains a list of ways to make money using the Crafting skill. After the Bot Nuke, it is found clay and soft clay have skyrocketed in price and is becoming a new trend for effective money making in F2P crafting, while gold item prices stay fairly stable.

Effectiveness Requirements Details

Coins 1000 130,000 coins per hour( 228 - 163 )*2016

1 Players can make soft clay out of clay at the Grand Exchange. This only gives 1 experience point per soft clay made but it does make a small amount of profit for low levels. If players mine the clay as well, it is best done in Rimmington or Draynor Village; banking is convenient for Rimmington with its bank deposit box, as is the case with Draynor Village due to its proximity to a bank. For wetting banked clay, Falador, Varrock and Edgeville are other good locations. Soft clay sells for Coins 100 228 coins while clay is bought for Coins 100 163 coins.

Coins 1000 92,000 coins per hour( 171 - 91 )*1150

5 Same as above, but by making gold rings instead.

Coins 1 0 coins per hour( 175 - 91 )

6 Gold necklaces can be made from gold bars which gives a small amount of profit and Crafting experience. They can be sold to Grum's Gold Exchange or the Grand Exchange.
Grum's Gold Exchange buys necklaces with better price than rings and amulets. It is efficient since current gold bar price stays below gold jewellery prices.

Coins 1000 97,000 coins per hour( 175 - 91 )*1150

8 Buying gold bars from the Grand Exchange and making them into gold necklaces at Al Kharid will yield about 34,500 experience per hour, and a fair profit when sold to the grand exchange.

Coins 1000 -290,000 coins per hour277150 - 565800

27 Buying hard leather from the Grand Exchange and making them into hard leather boots will yield about 60,000 experience per hour, and a fair profit when sold to the grand exchange. An even bigger profit can be made high alching them. This could yield up to 100k per hour.


  • Never cut gems to attempt to make money. Uncut gems are more expensive than cut gems. By cutting an uncut sapphire, for example, a player will lose 848 gp. at current GE prices cutting opal does make a small amount of money.

The following table should help to decide which gold item is currently the most profitable, it is desirable to pick the item that is currently rising in price for quick cash turnaround:

The following method no longer works. Shop will buy for less than stated, the table will be kept for historical purpose.

  • Grand Exchange Prices
-- Gold Sapphire Emerald Ruby Diamond
Uncut -- 1,119 2,054 2,984 5,025
Cut -- 271 879 947 2,095
Amulet (Strung) 139 383 552 906 1,715
Necklace 175 415 999 990 1,922
Ring 171 357 825 846 2,136
  • Grum's Gold Exchange Prices
-- Gold Sapphire Emerald Ruby Diamond
Amulet and Ring 210 540 765 1215 2115
Necklace 135 630 855 1305 2205

Gold Ore - 216 coins; Gold Bar - 91 coins

Due to constantly changing prices for items on the Grand Exchange, some information in this article may or may not be current.
It is strongly recommended to check the live prices on the Grand Exchange before making larger investments in any method
If a money making method is out of date, you can edit it or leave a message on the talk page.

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