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Effectiveness Requirements Details

Coins 1000 68,000 coins per hour151*28*16

1 Go to the Lumbridge cow field and pick up raw beef that is often left behind by other players killing cows and cook it at the Lumbridge Castle range.

Coins 1000 210,000 coins per hour(3300*(437-373))

1 A rarely used money making method is making chocolate dust. Chocolate dust is made from a chocolate bar and a knife. Use the knife on the chocolate bar and it makes chocolate dust. Using this method, you make 64 coins profit per chocolate bar. This is a great money making method, and it only takes 0.9 seconds to make 1 chocolate dust.

Coins 1000 430,000 coins per hour254*190*9

7 Go to the potato field north of Ardougne and collect potatoes. Across the road from the potato field is a farmer's house with a range in it. Cook the potatoes on the range bank them in Ardougne, and repeat. Baked potatoes sell for about Coins 100 213 coins each. This can also be done by buying the potatoes off the GE and still get almost double profit; ranges near a bank are in Catherby, Nardah and the Cooks' Guild. You can also take sacks and get 10 times more potatoes in one trip, making it much more profitable (note: keep 10 slots open; without beast of burden, it will give you 190 potatoes in a single trip)

Coins 1000 5,000 coins per hour900*( 35 - 30 )

Level 15 Buy raw trout from GE and head to Al-Kharid to cook. Early on profit will be lower but once level 50 is reached pretty much no trout should be burnt. Trout is bought for roughly 30 gp and sold for 35 gp. If you are efficient 900 can be cooked an hour, and a quick amount of exp is gained.

Coins 1000 260,000 coins per hour( 728 - 24 - 87 - 377 )*9*120

35 You can make uncooked pizza. You can buy the ingredients at the Grand Exchange for Coins 250 488 coins. The tomato and cheese just need to be added to the pizza base to make the uncooked pizza.

Coins 1000 39,000 coins per hour( 160 - 68 )*14*30

38 Pats of butter quite easy to make, though time-consuming. Take a bucket of milk (either bought for Coins 25 68 coins on the Grand Exchange, obtained from any cow with a bucket in inventory, or bought from the Culinaromancer's chest) to a dairy churn and churn the milk into butter. Alternately you can churn cream into butter. The churn at the Cooking Guild is close to the Grand Exchange, but the churn in Zanaris (requires Lost City) is closer to a bank.

Coins 1000 8,000 coins per hour57*28*5

39 Another relatively easy way to make good money is to bake buttered potatoes, which sell for Coins 25 57 coins each on members' worlds. The best place to make this is Lumbridge, where you can easily obtain buckets, cows' milk, and potatoes, and there is a range and a dairy churn nearby. To make, obtain half an inventory of potatoes and half an inventory of buckets of cows' milk. In the farmer's house, churn the milk to make pats of butter, and go to Lumbridge to bake the potatoes before applying butter. Each potato made from scratch gives you 199 cooking experience.

Coins 1000 200,000 coins per hour200000

42 The Gnome Restaurant Activity can make you a lot of money for little starting cash. Some rewards are more than 3 million; although getting those is rare. All of the orders can be made at level 42 cooking. Some quests are helpful for transportation when doing the activity.

Coins 1000 880,000 coins per hour( 2033 - 1508 )*28*60

50 Buy a wrapped oomlie at the Grand exchange (although it's very rare to get it from the grand exchange) and cook it. Then sell the cooked oomlie wrap at the Grand Exchange. The best place to cook these is at the Rogues' Den.

Coins 1000 45,000 coins per hour( 615 - 554 - 7 )*840

55 Another money-making method that involves pizza is upgrading previously cooked pizzas. At the Grand Exchange, buy plain pizza and anchovies, combine them, and sell the anchovy pizzas back for a profit of Coins 25 54 coins. This may not seem like much, but considering how little time it takes to add anchovies to one pizza (one can do 14 pizzas in about 30 seconds), you can easily make Coins 1000 45,360 coins per hour (assuming 30 seconds making the pizza and 30 seconds banking). You also get 39 Cooking experience for each pizza you upgrade in this fashion, for about 65,520 experience per hour.

Coins 1000 -3,000 coins per hour1008*( 84 - 87 )

Level 58 Buy raw salmon from the Grand Exchange and cook it over a fire made from a tree nearby. 10 seconds is required to chop the tree and burn the log acquired. 1 minute and 20 seconds is required to cook an inventory of salmon. 10 seconds is required to go to the bank, deposit the salmon, withdraw an inventory of raw salmon and return to the tree. With this, 1008 salmon can be cooked and 90,720 cooking experience can be gained in an hour.

Coins 1000 930,000 coins per hour( 1072 - 48 - 99 )*1000

67 One can put cooked sweetcorn into a bowl, making a bowl of sweetcorn. Then, combine a bowl of sweetcorn with tuna to make tuna and corn. With a quick finger, this can make about 1,000 tuna and corn per hour. This method gives NO Cooking experience, only gold. Note: Tuna and corn takes a long time to sell

Coins 1000 110,000 coins per hour( 1411 + 91 - 1072 - 57 )*5*60

68 Tuna potatoes sell for Coins 1000 1,411 coins each. Buy potato with butter and add tuna and corn to it.

Coins 1000 1,320,000 coins per hour( 3728 - 289 -26 -73 -1450 )*700

95 Raw summer pies can be made by adding a pie shell, strawberry, watermelon, cooking apple together. It is suggested to stock up on these if you’re going to be doing more than an hour of pie making at a time – the shells have a limit of 1,000 per 4 hours. The ingredients are extremely easy to obtain; although the pie shells may be an exception due to the limit. They have a very good demand and profit as well. One can make up to 700 pies an hour, creating a solid profit.

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