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This guide is for free players who wish to profit from combat. As a general rule, pick the strategy which requires the least consumables (food and potions). Remember that consumables cost money and time, and have to be accounted for when using combat to profit. Part of profiting through combat involves the speed at which players can kill the monsters.

Effectiveness Requirements Details

Coins 1000 130,000 coins per hour126000

20+ (higher is recommended), Varrock, and Burthorpe lodestones activated, Crush weapon (recommended) Spider Silk can be sold to the Grand Exchange for 375 coins, and can be found from Giant Spiders and Deadly red spiders in the Varrock Sewers. Home Teleport to Varrock, then run to the market place. From there, run right against the diagonal wall to the right and you should come across a manhole. Enter the manhole. For lower-level players, kill Giant spiders, and for higher-level, kill Deadly red spiders and fill your inventory with spider silk. Home teleport to Burthorpe, run to the bank chest, and repeat.

Coins 1000 120,000 coins per hour122304

10+ Combat (higher is recommended), Karamja, and Burthorpe lodestones activated, Pirate's Treasure quest completed (optional but recommended), 25+ Dungeoneering (optional), 30 coins per run Imphide can be sold to the Grand Exchange for 364 coins, and is a 100% drop from all imps. A plentiful source of imps can be found in the Karamja Volcano resource dungeon. Teleport to Karamja, enter the volcano, enter the resource dungeon (if you cant enter the dungeon many imps can be found on top of the volcano near the rivers of lava), kill Imps and fill your inventory with imphide. Home teleport to Burthorpe, bank and repeat.

Coins 1000 130,000 coins per hour126000

10+ Combat (Higher is Recommended), Completion of Blood Pact, and access to Lumbridge and Edgeville from the Lodestone Network Corpse Spiders can be killed in the Lumbridge Catacombs. Spider silk can be sold at the Grand Exchange for 375 coins. Home Teleport to Lumbridge, then run South and enter the Lumbridge Catacombs. Kill Corpse Spiders and fill your inventory with Spider silk. Home Teleport to Burthorpe, run to the bank chest, and repeat.

Coins 1000 30,000 coins per hour30000

Beginners OR +5 combat skills Chickens can be killed in Lumbridge farms, or in the farm south of Falador. Raw chicken can be sold at the Grand Exchange for 304 coins, and bones can be sold at the Grand Exchange for 168 coins. They also commonly drop 5 or 15 feathers that sell for 26 coins each and are used for fly fishing and fletching.

Coins 1000 200,000 coins per hour200000

15+ combat Cows can be killed in the Lumbridge cow fields. Cowhides sell for around 388 coins each to crafters and you can bury or sell the bones. Raw beef from the cows sell for 302 coins each, but also can be used to gain cooking experience. You can also tan cowhides into leather, which sell for around 480 coins each, or hardleather, which sell for 492 coins each. In Burthorpe there is another cow farm. Tan the hides at Jack Oval into leather or hardleather and bank it at the Bank chest.

There is also another cow field just north west of the Lumbridge castle, north east of Draynor Village. There is a male NPC in the cow field called Beefy Bill, who will bank your raw beef and cowhides for you. There is, however, a catch. He requires that you give him 10% of what you wish to bank. Another downside, is that you cannot request him to bank anything except for raw beef and cowhides. Despite the downsides, this is much easier than using the Lumbridge cow field, as it is much easier to bank your raw beef and cowhides.

Coins 1000 100,000 coins per hour100000

20+ Ranged Karamja monkeys on Karamja can be killed for their bones, which can be banked quickly with cabbage teleports. Each set of monkey bones will sell for 551 coins. A full inventory of 28 monkey bones is worth 15,428 coins.

Coins 1000 95,000 coins per hour94608

40+ Combat Varrock Guards can be killed directly outside Varrock West Bank for Grapes. Kill the Varrock Guards on the ground floor, then climb the ladder and kill the Varrock Guards on the first floor. Collect 27 grapes, store them in the bank, and repeat. Each bunch of grapes is worth 1,168 coins.

Coins 1000 250,000 coins per hour250000

70+ combat Cockroach soldiers found in the Stronghold of Player Safety can drop death, law or fire runes, noted mithril ore (three at a time) which sell for 1029 coins each, (noted) Adamantite ore (one at a time) which sell for 1,318 coins each, Mithril helms for 172 coins each, Rune sq shields at 22,169 coins each, Rune scimitars for 14,873 coins each and uncut gems from sapphire to diamond. Their attack style is Melee and weakness is Earth Spells.

Coins 1000 100,000 coins per hour100000

65+ combat Hill giants in the Edgeville Dungeon are a common training/money making monster, as they drop big bones, which sell for around 512 coins each. They occasionally drop limpwurt roots, which sell for about 1,595 coins each. Hill giants also have low Defence so they are not difficult to kill. However, if you have at least 20 Dungeoneering, you can enter the Edgeville Dungeon resource dungeon to kill Hill Giants, which is far less crowded, as well has having 4 Limpwurt root spawns.

Coins 1000 40,000 coins per hour40000

75+ combat Hobgoblins found in the Edgeville Dungeon can be killed for limpwurt roots and grapes. Alternatively, you could go to the peninsula near the Crafting Guild where a group of hobgoblins wander about. Limpwurt roots sell for 1,595, and are a common drop from the Hobgoblins. Each bank trip with 28 limpwurt roots results in about 44660 coins. Although limpwurt roots do not stack, the decent experience and proximity to a bank make this an attractive option for medium-level players.

Coins 1000 80,000 coins per hour80000

80+ combat Moss giants can be killed in Varrock sewers. They have several good drops, including Law runes, gems and Big bones. The Varrock sewers are often crowded. If you've completed the map for Dragon Slayer, you can also fight Moss giants on Crandor Isle. This location is often less crowded than the Varrock Sewers.

Coins 1000 150,000 coins per hour149856

80+ combat suggested Chaos Dwarves found in the Wilderness can be killed for muddy keys, a very common drop from them, mithril bars, and bones. Usually uncrowded in most worlds (as it is in the Wilderness), this spot provides good experience, although food will be required.

Muddy keys sell for 3,568, and are a semi-common drop from the Chaos Dwarfs. Each bank trip with 28 muddy keys results in about 99,904 coins. The mithril bars could also be sold for 1,650. Players should be wary, since they can hit up to 63 quite often, and since the Wilderness is a PVP area.

Coins 1000 180,000 coins per hour175000

Very high combat skills, suggested at 95+ in melee skills, 110+ combat Revenants can be killed in the Forinthry Dungeon for the valuables that they drop, such as Corrupt dragon equipment and Ancient artifacts. They can constantly drop coins which can add up to cover some of the losses on the trip. Keep in mind though, players should be careful of PKers as they reside in the deep level 28-32 Wilderness, and players can potentially kill you. This is not recommended for low level players as they can hit extremely hard and can heal themselves faster and harder than a player of their combat level..

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