Collecting limpwurt roots
Requirements Collecting limpwurt roots

20 Dungeoneering required
70 Combat recommended




Profit Experience gained
529,900 per hour


Inputs Outputs


225 Limpwurt roots (529,875)

There are 4 spawns of Limpwurt root in the resource dungeon located within Edgeville dungeon where the Hill giants are. To access the dungeon efficiently, a Brass key is needed to enter the hut just east of River Lum. On an averagely populated world, each limpwurt root respawns at a rate of 56 seconds per spawn. It takes about 90 seconds to run to the Varrock west bank and back, and 426 seconds for a round trip. That means one can gather about 225 limpwurt roots in 8.4 trips. It's possible to fill your inventory even quicker by collecting the four limpwurt roots, switching servers, collecting the four limpwurt roots on that server, and switching back. If done quickly enough, you'll be back in the first server just in time for the limpwurt roots to start respawning, effectively eliminating the respawn time. Hill giants, which also drops limpwurt roots, are a hotspot for many to train combat, which means it is quite common to see some roots lying about.

Hill giants are aggressive to any player with a combat level of less than 70, which may be an annoyance to the gathering process. It is therefore recommended to have 70 combat.

During the waiting period between spawns, one can also engage in other activities, such as killing the hill giants, or performing skills such as casting low Level Alchemy on noted items. This will reduce your profit to 489,840 per hour, but will give 30,000 Magic experience per hour.

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