Collecting jangerberries
Requirements Collecting Jangerberries

10 Agility






Profit Experience gained
409,500 per hour


Inputs Outputs

22 x Rope (5,302)
3 x Ring of duelling (8) (8,370)

616 x Jangerberries (423,192)

Four jangerberries, used to make Zamorak brews, can be found on an ogre-infested island north of Gu'Tanoth. The berries respawn about as fast as you can collect them, and since they are currently worth 687 coins, collecting them can be fairly profitable.

The fastest way to collect jangerberries is to start at the Castle Wars lobby, taking a rope out of the bank, and running straight east to the island. Then, use the rope on the tree branch, jumping over to the island (this will use up the rope). The Ogres on the island are not aggressive. Run in a circle, continually collecting the berries. When your inventory is full, teleport back to the lobby with a duelling ring, bank, and repeat. It's best to do this on a highly populated world so there is no delay before you can collect the berries again.

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