Casting egg spawn
Requirements Egg Spawn

10 Summoning






Profit Experience gained
1,448,000 per hour

240 Summoning experience

Inputs Outputs

520 x Egg spawn scroll (256,360)
4 x Spirit spider pouch (16,608)
18 x Summoning potion (4) (185,418)

936 x Red spiders' eggs (1,889,784)

Red spiders' eggs are used in the making of Restore potions and sell for 2,019 coins each. The eggs may be obtained by casting the Egg spawn scroll while having a Spirit spider summoned.

A great place to do this is Edgeville as it has a bank close to an obelisk on the bridge. If you have 21 agility, an even better place is the north-west corner of the Grand Exchange, as you can bank in the Grand Exchange, travel through the agility tunnel shortcut, and use the obelisk over the bridge. Buy around 4 Spirit spider pouches if you're going for an hour and around 520 Egg spawn scrolls. Use the scroll, which will produce on average 1.8 eggs per scroll. Pick up the eggs and repeat until your inventory is full, then bank them and repeat. When you run low on special move points, drink one of your summoning potions. When your spirit spider has expired, withdraw a pouch from the bank, summon it and repeat the process.

Without the use of a Summoning potion one is able to cast approximately 82 scrolls within the 15 minute time frame of each spider. With summoning potions it is possible to cast more scrolls, and each summoning potion costs from 2050 coins (one dose) and 10301 coins (four doses), and restores 15 special move points per dose (60 points per potion), allowing the user to cast from 2.5 to 10 extra scrolls. Using summoning potions (4) one can make a profit of 6,510.25 per dose.

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