Casting Superglass Make
Requirements Superglass Make

77 Magic



Profit Experience gained
1,027,900 per hour

28,080 Magic
46,800 Crafting

Inputs Outputs

4680 x Bucket of sand (299,520)
4680 x Seaweed (102,960)
720 x Astral rune (279,360)
3600 x Air rune (97,200)

6084 x Molten glass (1,806,948)

The Superglass Make lunar spell can instantly turn an inventory full of sand and seaweed into molten glass. On average it will make 1.3 glass for every sand-seaweed pair, and without using Mouse Keys one can cast it about 360 times an hour. It's best to cast it at a one-click bank with the spell in your action bar so you don't need to switch tabs to click it. Withdraw your sand and seaweed, close the bank, activate the spell with a keystroke, and wait for the animation to finish before banking the resulting glass and repeating.

Using MouseKeys, the number of casts per hour may rise to up to 800. See Superglass Make: Maximising Speed for more details.

The greater runic staff can be used to store Superglass Make runes, meaning you can convert 14 sets of sand and seaweed per cast instead of only 13, increasing the profit per hour by about 7%.

If you set-up your HUD up right so that you have the mouse in the same place you click on the bank and withdraw quick load 1 or 2, you can make up-to 1m in 35min(keep in mind that this theory has not been tested 100% but do increase the rate at which you do an inventory)

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